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Deviation in color and design
We try to transfer color and design specifications to the screen as well as possible, however, these may differ for the following reasons:

  • Designs in our web shop may differ in color and design (motif) from the original in connection with your display and / or printer settings, such as contrast, brightness, saturation, type of screen, etc.
  • In addition, there are other factors such as degree of gloss, light and colors in the immediate vicinity that affect the color of the product.
  • A color deviation per production batch cannot be ruled out either. When re-ordering it is advisable to state the desired batch number.
  • Depending on the (image) material supplied, we are also drawn up in various color profiles, which may ultimately differ in color upon delivery.
All these factors can easily cause a visual deviation.
We try to describe colors as well as possible, but naming remains an approximation. When you choose a suitable color combination for you online, it may actually turn out differently.

All descriptions of color and color names indicate a direction / nuance of color. A color description is a perception and no rights can be derived from it. It is also possible that the product has no color (description) on the website. If there is an uncertainty about color and / or design, we recommend that you always inquire about the color before ordering / paying.

Products ordered especially for you, most of our offer, cannot be returned due to batch differences (including small color differences).
Also see rücksendung (nl).

Free Sample Service
To avoid disappointment afterwards, we recommend that you order a cutting sample of the product in advance, or view the product in our showroom. For a large number of products, we offer the option of ordering a cutting sample, which is then stated with the relevant product. By means of A cutting sample allows you to determine the color fastness, texture and degree of gloss in advance and whether it is entirely to your liking.

Since we deliver custom work (adjusted quantity of a certain batch), we do not take back products that are specially ordered per customer. This applies to both the webshop and our visiting address. Stock products can be returned. Stock products are indicated ip the web store with a text such as "stock article" and next to it a green tick .

Reservation of size and price indication
Mention of prices and information on this website is subject to (typing) errors and changes.
No rights can be derived from our webshop. It is not allowed to use (visual) material copy, multiply and or use without our prior written permission. In addition to our permission, it is mandatory to always and clearly state the source, namely kleurmijninterieur.nl

The content of our webshop can be changed at any time without informing you in advance.

Kleur Mijn Interieur

Kleurmijninterieur ist Spezialist für Wand- und Fensterdekoration. Gegründet 1947 und online seit 1999. Unsere Kollektion besteht hauptsächlich aus Tapeten & Fototapeten, Gardinen & Jalousien, Klebefolien & statischen Fensterfolien, aber auch Teppichen & Bodenbelägen, Dekorprofilen und Farben.
Bei uns finden Sie ein sehr vielfältiges Sortiment, eine sehr große Auswahl der schönsten Produkte vom mittleren bis zum höheren Segment. Eine große Auswahl für alle, die etwas anderes wollen.

Könnten Sie Hilfe gebrauchen, um die richtige Wahl zu treffen? Unsere Stylisten helfen Ihnen gerne mit Farb- und Einrichtungsberatungen. Dies ist unverbindlich in unserem Showroom, aber auch bei Ihnen zu Hause oder an Ihrem Geschäftsstandort im Raum Eindhoven möglich. Sowohl für Privatpersonen als auch Einrichtungsprojekte für Unternehmen.

Haben Sie Fragen zu unseren Produkten?

Bitte Schicken Sie uns ein e-mail info@kleurmijninterieur.nl,
oder Telefonisch, oder besuchen sie unsere große ausstellungsraum, unsere Adresse.