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Arte - Ode - tapeten

Arte - Ode

ODE for the love of linen, the most noble and traditional fabric. The quality of Belgian linen os beyond compare. borne of centuries of climatic and artistic perfection. From flower to fibre, field to finesse, linen is the most sustainable amongst fabrics.

ODE evokes a grand poetic garden. Natural landscapes formed by wind and water. Plant floating listlessly. Gigantic patterns of exuberant nature refashion our interiors.

This collection is oue ODE to cool sophistication. Refined yet authentic. Joyful and comtempory. Caressed by nature.
Arte - Samal - tapeten

Arte - Samal

Samal is a decorative natural wallcovering with real shells in a geometric pattern where the color nuances of the mother-of-pearl vary according to the incidence of light

The tiles are splash-proof, but not suitable for prolonged exposure to water. Use the specially developed glue from Arte Clearpro Extreme.
Arte - Sycamore - tapeten

Arte - Sycamore

Sycamore from Omexco is a wall covering of wood veneer on non-woven fabric.

Handmade wallcovering from real wood laid in graphic patterns. Available in 5 patterns Cubist, Dimensions, Chevron, Chess and the Art Deco inspired Villa Empain.

This unique and luxurious wooden wallcovering is sold per meter.
Esta home - Art deco - tapeten

Esta home - Art deco

Casamance - Alliages - tapeten

Casamance - Alliages

Arte - Essentials Les Tricots - tapeten

Arte - Essentials Les Tricots

Les Tricots takes its inspiration from the haute couture fashion world with a clear nod to rich fabrics and specific textile techniques. She creates the illusion of real textile thanks to the combination of unique printing techniques and the use of velvety soft spins.

The majority of the designs are modest and very widely applicable to add structure to the wall in addition to color. The drawing with a chintz look is an outsider and stands out for its shine and playful chalk lines in an explosive color palette.
Arte - Icons - tapeten

Arte - Icons

Icons charms with its versatility in materials; all fixed values in the interior such as shagreen leather (galuchat), bouclé fabric, metal accents or rattan. However, the application of these evergreens on the wall is extremely surprising and original. Typical are the various geometric patterns that show a striking block motif. Not only the warm material mix is a surprising factor, the varying incidence of light and the play of matt and gloss also give an extra luxurious dimension.
Arte - Manila - tapeten

Arte - Manila

Floral drawings in combination with organic shapes are the common thread throughout the Manila collection. Meticulous rope of different materials and thicknesses is manually placed in patterns, creating a minimalist drawing with accompanying relief. The translation of this artisan precision work to the wall gives a very refined and sophisticated appearance. Manila responds to the interior trend in which woven ropes and cords are integrated in various applications.
Hookedonwalls - Plains and Panels - tapeten

Hookedonwalls - Plains and Panels

Hookedonwalls - Maya - tapeten

Hookedonwalls - Maya

Hookedonwalls - Daimon - tapeten

Hookedonwalls - Daimon

Kleurmijninterieur - Ambiance - tapeten

Kleurmijninterieur - Ambiance

Kleurmijninterieur - Art Deco - tapeten

Kleurmijninterieur - Art Deco

Kleurmijninterieur - Industrieel - tapeten

Kleurmijninterieur - Industrieel

DWC - Sidemen - tapeten

DWC - Sidemen

DWC - Timotee - tapeten

DWC - Timotee

DWC - Capital - tapeten

DWC - Capital

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