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Elitis - Flower Power - fototapet

Elitis - Flower Power

Hip hip hip.

This incredible discovery of unexpected specimens took all botanists by surprise. Yet there is common DNA shared by these spectacular lillies and curious beans. It is made of powerful colours, a taste for retro styles and character-shaping Fauvist lines.

In this collection of multi-coloured wallpapers, large floral and leafy prints leap out joyfully.
Elitis - Initiation - fototapet

Elitis - Initiation

Auf dem Weg

Im Bereich der Kunst wird Kühnheit durch Freiheit gelernt. Es folgt seinen eigenen Regeln, erforscht ungewöhnliche Ränder und Mäander durch Vintage-Keramik und durch den Geist verschiedener Künstler. Hier ist ein geometrischer Beweis.

Mit 6 einzigartigen Designs zeigt die Kollektion geometrische Muster und entschlossene Farben.
Elitis - Natural Mood - fototapet

Elitis - Natural Mood

Materials turn into plaits or wickerworks at the tip of the finger. We squint our eyes and a playful reptile seems to emerge from behind the basket. Or is it just the objects in our daily lives that are brought to life?

This embossed vinyl wallpaper pays tribute to natural fibre and the craftsmanship of household objects.
Casamance - Manille - fototapet

Casamance - Manille

Kleurmijninterieur - Botanisch - fototapet

Kleurmijninterieur - Botanisch

Noordwand - Kids@home Individual - fototapet

Noordwand - Kids@home Individual

AS Creation - Designwalls - fototapet

AS Creation - Designwalls

AG Design - Photomurals Premium Collection - fototapet

AG Design - Photomurals Premium Collection

Hookedonwalls - Boheme - fototapet

Hookedonwalls - Boheme

Hookedonwalls - Java - fototapet

Hookedonwalls - Java

Hookedonwalls - Karin Sajo - fototapet

Hookedonwalls - Karin Sajo

This wallpaper collection by Karin Sajo from Hooked on Walls is inspired by "land and sea", two of Karin Sajo's main sources of inspiration. She includes very distinctive creations from her fabric collection. With the same elegance and emotional strength, the designs are transformed into wall coverings with delicate textures.

Passionate about color and materials, Karin Sajo was a designer in the Haute Couture world for many years (Studio Dior, Jean-Paul Gaultier).
Casadeco - Utopia - fototapet

Casadeco - Utopia

Caselio - Girl Power - fototapet

Caselio - Girl Power

Casadeco - Nova - fototapet

Casadeco - Nova

Nova is a special wallpaper collection from Casadeco, completely different from other collections. Using graphic and visual tricks to show his unique retro style.

The linen-like background structure always makes the wallpaper patterns look elegant.
Eijffinger - Skin - fototapet

Eijffinger - Skin

Casadeco - Cuba - fototapet

Casadeco - Cuba

With the Cuba wallpaper collection, Casadeco offers this festive and opulent atmosphere, simply unique, in wallpaper to enjoy an extraordinary decor, both chic and authentic, full of joy of life and an incredible cultural heritage in a colonial spirit.

The colors explode in the heart of Havana, the sun warms up, the music echoes, the vegetation shines.

Bring the colors of the Cuban to life on your wall in this beautiful quality non-woven vinyl wallpaper.
Casadeco - Happy Dreams - fototapet

Casadeco - Happy Dreams

Casadeco - Encyclopedia II - fototapet

Casadeco - Encyclopedia II

Casadeco launches the second Encyclopedia wallpaper book dedicated to the study of nature in its purest and most beautiful form.

This wallpaper collection focuses on the observation of the mineral and aquatic worlds. Praises the mysterious and unexplored wonders of the seabed. Their materials, their shine and their pigments inspire fascinating new wallpaper patterns.

This collection of backgrounds has a rich aesthetic with calming decorative features.
BN Wallcoverings - Timeless Stories - fototapet

BN Wallcoverings - Timeless Stories

The beautiful wallpaper of Timeless Stories produced by Bn wallcoverings makes decorating with color easier than ever.

It is a timeless collection of wallpaper with many different textures and subtle patterns, the colors of which are beautifully matched.
BN Wallcoverings - Cubiq - fototapet

BN Wallcoverings - Cubiq