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Caselio - XXL - fototapet

Caselio - XXL

XXL wallpaper from Caselio.

Gigantic! This wallpaper collection features XXL patterns, beautiful colors and exuberant designs.

The wallpaper collection contains geometric, floral and other botanical elements. In short, everything that has been a sensation in terms of inspiration in recent seasons. Even our easy-to-install non-woven vinyl wallpaper is designed to stand out with a slightly grainy and sanded effect.
Eijffinger - Festival - fototapet

Eijffinger - Festival

Eijffinger's Festival wallpaper collection celebrates life with the positive power of designs.

Are you going for hippie chic with exuberant tropical leaves in the shades of an Indian Summer or are you looking for a boutique hotel feeling with the leaf design in line drawing? Wake up to different atmospheres with a beautiful boho design full of imaginative trees. The aesthetics of ceramics are reflected in a diamond-shaped print that is reminiscent of hand-formed tiles. Create a retro look with the uni that gives your wall an aged textile structure. Add a touch of spice with the mysterious meandering lines of wild waves and be delighted again and again by the colorful floral felines.
Have fun and combine different colours, patterns and materials. Create your own mix with Festival and pay tribute to life 24/7.
Casamance - Golfe du Bengale - fototapet

Casamance - Golfe du Bengale

Golfe du Bengale wallcoverings by Casamance

Set sail for a vast bay in the Indian Ocean, dotted with small islands where seagrass is cultivated. Let’s dock on the largest of them, Sri Lanka…Once known as the Resplendent Isle because of its abundant vegetation, it is composed of mountains, forests and mangroves.

The wallpaper collection features magnificent designs with a tropical inspiration on papers with extraordinary textures. It also focuses on the foliage of the native trees in a delicate design, recreating the natural look of plant fibres on the walls.
Casadeco - Bali - fototapet

Casadeco - Bali

The pearl of Indonesia, Bali, has inspired the CASADECO team to create this collection of non-woven vinyl wallpaper, full of softness and serenity.

The lush landscapes, the richness of textile craftsmanship and the sense of warm hospitality of the Balinese people.
Casadeco - Tweed - fototapet

Casadeco - Tweed

Tweed is een zware stof van Britse oorsprong. Gemaakt van wol met een handgesponnen look, waardoor het opmerkelijk comfortabel en warm is. Deze Tweed behangcollectie met vinyl op vliesbehang is geïnspireerd op deze opmerkelijke stof om het huis een zachte en elegante uitstraling te geven die gedempt, afzonderlijk en authentiek is.

Tweed is een uitzonderlijk product met een zorgvuldig bewerkte inslag waardoor het een geweven look krijgt, prachtig gepolijst, met 47 extreem rijke kleuren. De geplooide nerf versterkte de aanrakingen en vangt het licht op. Sommige tinten zijn voorzien van een metallic inkt die een prachtige extra glans geeft.
Casadeco - Iconic - fototapet

Casadeco - Iconic

Casadecos Iconic wallpaper collection is extremely inspiring and evokes the vintage trend of the 50s to 80s.

Sneak into a fashion show and admire the 50s style of Fashion Week: Christian Dior or Pierre Balmain, its up to you! Only their contours remain to create the refined and linear wallpaper Model. With wallpaper Arty the lines are even more streamlined and geometry goes hand in hand with poetry. And what about the energetic Alberto and his slender dancers, who look as if they were hastily sculpted before they went on the run. Then the exquisite flowers of Flower Power, so symbolic of the 1970s. As for the surreal Not A Circle, that speaks for itself.

And then there are 2 panoramic wall panels: Pop with its psychedelic designs and Abstract with its artistic collage from the eighties.
Casadeco - Kyoto - fototapet

Casadeco - Kyoto

Kyoto wallpaper from Casadeco.

Ancient Japan seen through the eyes of the 21st century.
Far from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, Kyoto is a beautiful city with a vast heritage, full of Shinto temples, palaces and hidden gardens.

By evoking the former capital in this new wallpaper collection, we have brought the traditions of Japan to life. Traditional, but not too much: the idea is to capture the essence of Japan and give it a contemporary reinterpretation.
Sanderson - Disney HOME x Sanderson - fototapet

Sanderson - Disney HOME x Sanderson

Disney HOME x Sanderson wallpaper by Sanderson.

Inspired by archival documents and building on Sandersons original collaboration with Disney in 1928, comes a rediscovered collection of mesmerizing wallpapers that explore the wonder of Disney in Sandersons iconic color palette, featuring subdued tones.

New designs mix with archived classics to reveal playful and imaginative scenes from Dumbo to Bambi and beautiful murals featuring Mickey Mouse.

Each roll of wallpaper is printed in the UK.
Sanderson - Arboretum - fototapet

Sanderson - Arboretum

Arboretum wallpaper by Sanderson.

Printed, in the UK, on FSC certified substrates, Arboretum wallpapers offer a recipe for positivity and the opportunity to reconnect with nature.

A selection of 11 new and existing designs, each with a quintessentially English look, reminding us of the restorative powers of nature.

Romance and botany for the attractive living room, hallway, bedroom and childrens rooms.
Harlequin - Colour 4 - fototapet

Harlequin - Colour 4

Color 4 wallpaper from Harlequin

With original masterpieces in a variety of styles, Harlequin in Color 4 interprets the abundant beauty and all-encompassing colors of nature.

Turn your interiors into immersive, soothing and perfectly balanced spaces, inspired by earth, water, air and fire, the quartet of essential elements that support our daily existence.
Harlequin - Colour 3 - fototapet

Harlequin - Colour 3

Color 3 wallpaper from Harlequin.

A versatile and colorful wallpaper collection.
Celebrate the freedom of self-expression, say goodbye to beige and discover Harlequins beautiful wallpapers in a bold, confident palette.

This collection also has various designs with glass pearls that give the wallpaper a luxurious 3-dimensional look.

The series with a realistic grass fabric imitation with a metal effect is also beautiful. A real hotel chic look.
Eijffinger - Emerald - fototapet

Eijffinger - Emerald

Choose the atmosphere that suits you with the wallpaper collection Emerald from Eijffinger.

From delicate and dreamy to unpolished and tough. Imagine yourself in another world with serene silhouettes of tropical branches and exotic blossoms, enveloped in a veil of filtered light. Or discover the natural design of finely woven bamboo. A grand floral design on rough canvas, the rustic block print with a hint of shine or the pronounced ikat pattern make your walls real eye-catchers.

The color palette is refined and understated. From soft powdery tones, warm earth tones to elegant emerald green and enchanting night blue. Bring your interior to life in style with the luxurious and layered designs of Emerald.
Sandberg - Villa Dalaro II - fototapet

Sandberg - Villa Dalaro II

Sandbergs Villa Dalarö II Collection.
Swedish wallpaper art for the whole house

Delicate patterns in harmonious, soft color shades mixed with deeper colors, clean lines and soft checks.

The atmosphere in Villa Dalarö is consistent and timeless, filled with elements of sentimental values and history. Welcome to and botanize with Swedish wallpaper art for your entire home.

Also for a romantic timeless atmosphere in the childrens room.
Sandberg - Lofstad - fototapet

Sandberg - Lofstad

The Löfstad wallpaper collection from Sandberg.
An ancient archive of a castle.

Our Löfstad collection originated from the unique treasure of an ancient archive with thousands of deep-rooted stories, tied to the patterns, colors and structures of Löfstad Castle.

Many of the patterns are originals from the castle, carefully interpreted by our design studio.
Sandberg - Huset i solen - fototapet

Sandberg - Huset i solen

The Huset i Solen wallpaper collection from Sandberg.
It means The house in the sun and is a tribute to Carl and Karin Larsson.

The Huset i Solen collection pays homage to the famous Swedish artist couple Carl and Karin Larsson, their lifestyle and home. Who inspires us and many others endlessly.

Each pattern tells a story and the color scheme brings to life a vision of a life-affirming, loving, Swedish home.
Sandberg - Kolonin - fototapet

Sandberg - Kolonin

Sandberg - Familj II - fototapet

Sandberg - Familj II

Sandbergs Familj ll collection.
A Scandinavian house

Familj II is a wallpaper collection for the whole family, both the little dreamer and the organizer. All designs are named after children related to us at Sandberg Wallpaper.

The wallpaper collection fits perfectly in the nursery, but just imagine how nice it would be to let the beauty flow into the rest of the house.
Sandberg - Jordnara - fototapet

Sandberg - Jordnara

The Jordnära wallpaper collection from Sandberg.
A house close to nature

The Jordnära collection embraces the concept of slow-living and includes patterns with a soft aesthetic and pleasant presence. Feel close to nature and beauty in the simple and uncovered.

Our love for the craftsmanship behind the art is evident and shown through delicate brush strokes, where transparency meets soft textures and modern graphic lines.
Komar - RAW - fototapet

Komar - RAW

Photo wallpaper RAW from Komar with a raw edge.

The photo wallpaper collection consists of beautiful, detailed prints in mostly gray colors. Understated yet subtly special.

Decorate your room with the timeless RAW collection.
Komar - Dots - fototapet

Komar - Dots

The elegant Komar Deco Dots are now making their rounds around the house - and they look surprisingly different. The self-adhesive circle, printed on a high-quality backing material, fits on any wall and leaves its own decorative stamp on it.

There is a wide range of the round colorful decoration stickers for windows, doors and any other surface. The advantage of round wallpaper is that it is easy to install.

The large selection of round wallpaper leaves nothing to be desired and there are also plenty of decorative ideas for children to discover.