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Payment options

At the end of an online order we offer various payment options. See list of payment options below.

If the payment fails because, for example, your bank is temporarily unavailable, it is certainly possible to complete the payment at a later time. After confirming your order you will receive an e-mail with the payment link. That e-mail also contains all payment details to be able to make the payment without clicking on the link.

Payment options


With iDEAL you can pay for your online purchases in a trusted, safe and easy way.
iDEAL bank costs are 0.00 euro (gratis), with the advantage that your order immediately being processed. Most Dutch customers pay via iDEAL.
Klarna / Sofort banking

Klarna / Sofort banking

Klarna Sofort banking supports 99% of the banks in Belgium, but also many banks in Germany and Austria. Klarna Sofort bank charges are only 0.8% + 0.10 euro.
Orders paid through Sofort banking are processed immediately.

Bancontact / Mister Cash

Belgian customers who usually pay with Bancontact / Mister Cash can pay online here via Klarna Sofort banking. Klarna Sofort banking is comparable to Bancontact / Mister Cash and supports 99% of the banks in Belgium.
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Transfer by bank

Of course you can also transfer the amount to our AbnAmro account stating. your order number. Companies can receive an invoice after placing an order and then make the payment.
After we have received your payment, the order will be processed.
When you order via our webshop you will automatically receive an invoice with payment details by email.
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Pay extra for an already paid order

Post-pay for an order that has already been paid, for example because you would like to add a product to your order, can be done by transfer to our AbnAmro account, see AbnAmro details below.
It is not possible to pay for an order via iDEAL, Sofort banking or by credit card.

Account details Bank

Account number
Iban / SEPA

account name

Kleur Mijn Interieur BV
'your order number'

Transfers are processed by AbnAmro. If paid with iDEAL, transfer any subsequent payments to AbnAmro. iDEAL payments are not processed by AbnAmro but by ING bank. Transferring or paying extra to our ING account is not possible, deposits to this account are automatically refunded by the ING bank.
bank overschrijven EU

Transfers Within EU

When paying outside the Netherlands: choose 'shared bank costs'
Often this option is already standard.
Bank costs within the EU are then only a small amount for both parties,
if stated Iban: NL23ABNA0429825382 and BIC/SWIFT: ABNANL2A (optionally add XXX).
If you opt for 'shared bank costs' or 'bank costs for the recipient', these will easily amount to tens of euros and we will have to ask for an additional assessment.
bank overschrijven buiten EU

Transfers outside the EU

Bank costs outside the EU are entirely for the customer.
To keep costs as low as possible,
Mention Iban: NL23ABNA0429825382 and BIC/SWIFT: ABNANL2A (add XXX optionally)
When you choose 'shared bank costs' or 'bank costs for the receiver', these can easily amount to tens of euros and we will have to ask for an additional assessment.
More information about invoice, see: invoice VAT
Shipping costs
Our shipping costs, see: Forsendelsesomkostninger