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Advice at home

Appointment at your home or at company location

Our stylists provide advice at any desired location in Eindhoven and surroundings.
The advantage of advice on location is the fact that the space is actually seen and therefore there light, color perception, spatial effect and, very importantly, other materials already present such as a floor, existing furniture, etc. can be taken into account.

For which products can you contact us?
  • Wallcoverings
  • Curtains
  • Net curtains
  • Interior blinds
  • Paint
  • Photomurals
  • Decorative profiles
  • Skirting boards
  • Area rugs
  • Vinyl
  • Carpet

We also come for advice if you only need 1 of these products.
It is precisely then that coordination with existing materials is very important.

Prior to the advice

It is nice if we get photos / floor plan of the room in advance and that you paint a picture of what is desired or what you had in mind. We can then coordinate the materials to be brought along as well as possible.

Home styling - What do we do?

Furnishing living room, furnishing children's room, paint advice exterior.

  • We will inform you about your wishes and ideas and see whether they are also applicable, attractive and suitable in the situation.
  • If you have no ideas yet, we will contribute them. We may draw your attention to applications and materials that are new to you.
  • We indicate how exactly the ideas should be applied and whether walls / floors are suitable for the desired application. The spatial effect is an important part of the advice.
  • We will of course take materials (steel paint, curtain fabrics, awning samples, etc.) with us to view them in the room.
  • In advise any desired atmosphere, modern, classic, nostalgic, retro...
interieur advies woonhuis
Home sales styling - What do we do?
  • How can you beautify the house with simple, cost-conscious interventions in such a way that it benefits the spaces and thus also the saleability?
  • We pay attention to the use and application of color and atmosphere elements
    as well as the layout of the furniture in the room.
Company, Office or Showroom styling - What do we do?

Creating a representative entrance / waiting room, decorating the canteen, making workplaces more pleasant.

  • We make an inventory of your wishes regarding appearance, target group, functional application, etc.
  • We examine / advise how this can be translated into a look that fits within your budget.
  • In the case of application in a showroom, the product you are selling will always come into its own
    and the materials to be used are secondary but supportive for the sale.
interieur advies bedrijven
Follow-up appointment

It will often be the case that the stylist has not immediately brought all the right materials. However, she has often already formed an image and will look for the right products. At a follow-up appointment in the store, the total advice becomes concrete. Of course there is also the possibility to make adjustments in such a way that you get a 'perfect picture'.


After you have made your choice you can:

  • Wallpaper and paint quantity are directly calculated using a floor plan / dimensions.
  • Our upholsterer can measure curtains, blinds and floor coverings and install them later.
  • A specialized employee can put together custom photo walls according to your wishes.
Regio en tarief, advies op locatie
Advies aan huis regio Eindhoven
 €  0,-
 € 15,-
 € 25,-

Advice for a particular product or the entire interior, both for private individuals and companies, for 1.5 hours

0,00 euro Effective.

We charge 99 euros for an advice of 1.5 hours on average. (hourly rate 66 euros)
However, you will receive a refund when purchasing the recommended (or comparable) goods from Kleur Mijn Interieur BV.

With a purchase of at least 500 euros you will receive 49.00 euros in return.
The advice at home for 1.5 hours then effectively costs only 50 euros.

With a purchase of at least 1000 euros you will receive 99.00 euros in return.
The advice at home for 1.5 hours then effectively costs 0.0 euros.

Outside Eindhoven we ask for a contribution towards the travel costs.
Region and rate overview, see table above.

Advice in our showroom is also possible and completely free of charge.

Call for an appointment with 040-2434486. Or contact our contact address (nl).
An appointment is also possible outside the regular opening hours.