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Caselio Linen 2 LINN68529099

€ 39.00/ per rulle€ 7.36 p/m2
nr LINN68529099 - Linen 2
vinyl on fleece
testmønster 4-6 arbejdsdage Due to covid-19 the delivery time may be longer than average.

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90935 53cm 10mtr € 39.00 Tilføj til kurv.
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91254 ± 15cm ± 20cm € 2.00 Tilføj til kurv.

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With our calculator and scheme you can calculate the number of rolls you need for your wall(s).
Note: The result of this calculator is only an indication that no rights can be derives.
It is also possible that a design has a pattern which is not specified.
Outcome may also differ because no account is taken of windows and doors.
It is not possible to return of rolls due to a different outcome.

Linen 2 tapet

As a successor to the linen collection there is the Linen 2 from Caselio with a wide variety of plain linen textures.

Non-woven vinyl wallpaper that seduces you with its wide range of soft pastel colors that are accessible but still very hip. And as before, we couldn't help but add a few wallpapering with metal accents to illuminate the living room, the room or the kitchen.

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