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Coordonne Core 6600001

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nr 6600001 - Core

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92043 ± 15cm ± 15cm € 2.00 Tilføj til kurv.

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With our calculator and scheme you can calculate the number of rolls you need for your wall(s).
Note: The result of this calculator is only an indication that no rights can be derives.
It is also possible that a design has a pattern which is not specified.
Outcome may also differ because no account is taken of windows and doors.
It is not possible to return of rolls due to a different outcome.

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vincent Coordonne
€ 59.95

Core tapet

Coordonné presents Core, a collection of wallpaper to share a spiritual journey. An introspective journey, in which people each come inwardly through nature and the serenity of its colors and shapes.

In times of an overwhelming abundance of information, the rhythm of the city is usually crazy and there is not even room to observe the closest elements around us, we stop. We stop and go on a journey. We travel to open our hearts, to feel our own existence. To feel at peace. We come back with methods, techniques and styles whose fundamental basis has always been relaxation and meditation. We want to open our homes - that extremely intimate place of self-discovery - to peace and harmony. Core wallpaper presents five figurative backgrounds: waves, grille, forest, wing and a stripe design.

Finally, 5 photo wall murals are also presented in different color versions.

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