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Hookedonwalls - Tahiti - tapet

Hookedonwalls - Tahiti

Hookedonwalls - Voyage - tapet

Hookedonwalls - Voyage

Voyage wallpaper from Hooked on walls is a beautiful photographic line that is inspired by major international cities such as Kyoto, Bali, Manhattan and Berlin.

Because we all deserve a little wanderlust: whether it's swimming among colorful koi fish, crossing the Brooklyn Bridge on foot or exploring exotic Bali.

A very sturdy non-woven vinyl quality with attractive prints at a competitive price.
Arte - Moooi Wallcovering Memento Moooi - tapet

Arte - Moooi Wallcovering Memento Moooi

The Memento Moooi Wallcovering collection is inspired by extinct animals known for their unique, gentle nature and love for life.

Discover designs such as Mimic Moth, the Dandelion Crane, the Golden Tiger, the Pogo Goat and the Queen Cobra.

The wallpaper collection is a medley of animals that lived and loved as if it were their last day.

Each wallcovering is inspired by the characteristics of a specific animal.
AS Creation - My Home My Spa - tapet

AS Creation - My Home My Spa

My Home My Spa wallpaper from AS Creation

Listen! Look and feel! This scent, this taste... Allow all the beautiful sensory impressions, experience the diversity of this world outside, stretch out your arms and invite them to stay. In your new home.

With the current collection, your own home becomes a sensual favorite place.

my home my spa creates the space to capture these wonderful experiences and impressions. Every day. Its time for a change to a new feeling of well-being according to individual taste.
AS Creation - Geo Effect - tapet

AS Creation - Geo Effect

The wallpapers from the GEO EFFECT collection by A.S. Création show large triangles, trapezoid geometry or hand-drawn circular shapes and inspire design lovers with contemporary coloring.

The pattern wallpapers are supplemented by two different plain structures, some of which have metallic effects that make them particularly appealing.
Livingwalls - Hygge - tapet

Livingwalls - Hygge

The #HYGGE collection from A.S. Création offers design wallpapers with pampas grass blossoms, reed grasses and filigree flowering grasses with subtle glossy effects, as well as coarser wool, raffia and fabric structures.

There are matching plain wallpapers that underline the Hygge lifestyle.
Arte - Marqueterie - tapet

Arte - Marqueterie

Arte - Monsoon 2 - tapet

Arte - Monsoon 2

Arte - Objet - tapet

Arte - Objet

Omexco - Moonstone - tapet

Omexco - Moonstone

Moonstone is a wall covering with a so-called mica effect.
As if they are small karts pebbles.

Available in beautiful plains, but also beautiful graphic designs and even abstract photo wallpaper.
Luxurious and timeless reflect the appearance well.

The wallpaper is easy to apply due to the non-woven backing.
Omexco - Joy - tapet

Omexco - Joy

Prestigious Textiles - Big Adventure - tapet

Prestigious Textiles - Big Adventure

Elitis - La caravane - tapet

Elitis - La caravane

It is said in Seoul that luck is tucked away in the folds of the Pojagi fabric. When this everyday fabric transforms itself as a coated canvas, and lends its patchwork to walls, is good fortune still hidden within the textile? We have seen it reappear between the large meshes of abaca and raffia weaves. On the canvas, in vast areas of solid color, detailed with decorative topstitching, it has the elegance of a soft and soothing gift. With earthy, sometimes faded attributes from having been passed down and pieced together through many generations, it maintains an ever-soothing article of design.

This collection was conceived as a sequel to the Eldorado wallcovering collection, based on the Atelier d Artiste design. It originates from the discovery of the Korean fabric, Pojagi. These textiles used to wrap gifts and objects (Chogak is the popular term) are composed of several fabrics. They are reinterpreted here in pattern layouts of coated canvas, reflecting a raffia or abaca effect in serene and melodic colors, almost chalky for some: terracotta, powdery pinks, lake greens and blues, natural whites.
Elitis - Mouvements - tapet

Elitis - Mouvements

Face to face with astounding works in a contemporary art gallery. First, a moment of wonder, in the presence of these foreign materials and textured abstractions. Gradually, the painter’s movements are revealed through the hatching, streaks, and scratches of a painting that vibrates under its lacquered light. On other creations, a shiny satin sculpted by laser reveals its layers and matt crevices, like a new material, surprising, soft, random, and whose reality, invented by the visual artist, seems to escape us.

Mouvements explores two ultra-innovative digital techniques, PVC free 3D printing and laser engraving. Each allows new effects, which surprise and unsettle our senses. The first deposits its ink along a few millimeters in height, its glossy aspect standing out from the matt background while offering volume that can be felt to the touch. For the second, the laser cuts silky satin in its thickness, revealing other facets of its material, more matt, while also unveiling a mysterious relief.
Elitis - Merida - tapet

Elitis - Merida

Raffia embraces a pop and colourful imaginary world. In this graphic vision, it follows the rhythm of the sun as it passes through the large geometric windows of a vast contemporary villa. Its light sets the tempo to the shimmering water and crosses the lush foliage of mango trees to project its shapes onto immense volumes of concrete. An urban oasis chock-full of harmonies where bold colour schemes compose and recompose their ideas of design and art.

This 100% natural fibre collection shows raffia in a new light. In contrast to its more raw signature incarnations, it expresses a very contemporary universe where the inspirations of painters and great architects mingle through a resolutely graphic approach: geometric layouts. Motivated by the layout work found in Essence de Bois, we composed these real puzzles piece by piece, positioning and repositioning the cut-outs at will to create dense, graphic and rich imaginary universes. The workshop to which we have entrusted the manufacturing performs incredible workmanship on each creation, by hand, element by element.
Elitis - Bois sculpte - tapet

Elitis - Bois sculpte

The shavings flutter around his hands. The distinctive smell of sap has been wafting through the workshop since early morning. It accompanies the tempo of the gouge, the emergence of each groove, and the movements which are sculpted on the surface of the material, ricocheting off the simple knots and veins of the wood. Upon waking from the hypnosis of repeated gestures and stepping back, the painting is revealed. This collection invites you into a wood sculptor’s workshop and pays homage to the raw evidence of this material which has always accompanied humanity and its artists. The embossed vinyl recaptures the relief present at the beginning of the creation, since it was initially engraved by hand in the form of models. The result is a play on depth with light that honors the three designs. In the background, we can see the knots and veins of the simple species that have been chosen: mahogany, pine, oak ...
Elitis - Grand Hotel - tapet

Elitis - Grand Hotel

Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Zero! A grandiose celebration at the Palace where glasses are raised in a toast, their golden drops celebrate the New Year. As they fall, they form a sophisticated symmetry and luxurious geometries. Spotted in the crowd, Jean-Michel Franck clinks glasses with Wes Anderson. Their wishes resonate with panache, sparkle, extravagance and abundance, but also the freshness of summer and simple joys.

In an art deco movement, this collection borrows the codes of marquetry and the geometric beams of the 1930s to interpret them on wallpaper. Through screen printing, it reveals its inks in relief, as if each line of the decoration was painted by hand. Its colors combine matte with metallic: copper, silver and colored gold, as well as coral, white or cyan blue.
Eijffinger - Artifact - tapet

Eijffinger - Artifact

Experience pure craftsmanship from all over the world. Artisan, authentic and artistic. Artifact fuses contemporary handicrafts and honest materials into artistic shapes and patterns.

Artifact is a fascinating layered collection with a rustic edge, subtly minimalist and at the same time endlessly intriguing. With natural materials as a starting point, processed by human hands. Warm undertones of pure loam, strong clay and rough jute, beautifully combined with sculptural shapes and fine graphic lines.

Imagine yourself in a Japanese Zen garden, with raked gravel patterns of pressed dots in clay. A large, robust design, with a nod to ethnic motifs, is printed with rough ink on a textile structure. There are also abstract triangles and a geometric design against a sophisticated, shiny background. Or opt for softly striped waves full of depth, with a light gradient. A layered uni with a coarse tweed textile look completes the series. The color palette is subdued and full of natural colours, from linen, beige and camel to sage, earthy terra, taupe, khaki, indigo, forest green and new black.

Fascinating are the wallpowers with the optical depth of a clay relief, a gracefully meandering line on a coarsely painted surface and a striking multi-coloured abstract design.
Artifact continues to fascinate, can be combined endlessly and always in balance.
Elitis - Pop - tapet

Elitis - Pop

Geometrical patterns and outspoken colours rise to amuse horizons, their texture suggesting end-on-end cloth. This collection gives voice to the 70s, joined by a wide floral drawing and supported by coordinated solids. In their harmony, you can hear nature and ink, closer to the artists hand than ever.
Elitis - Vestiaire masculin - tapet

Elitis - Vestiaire masculin