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Nye samlinger tapet

Arte - Yumiko - tapet

Arte - Yumiko

Eijffinger - Museum - tapet

Eijffinger - Museum

Museum, a place where art and fashion meet in lush designs, luxurious fabrics and surprising creations. With this inspiring wallpaper collection from Eijffinger you can turn your interior into a contemporary masterpiece.

Wallpaper with a generous gesture of painted flowers, birds and butterflies on canvas. Line-drawn flowers on matte paper, picked from ancient etchings. Feel the fabric structure, from velvety flock wallpaper to super soft rib wallpaper with color gradient. Or opt for understated chic with a grand pleated blind with metallic accents and a refined uni sprinkled with distressed gold dots. Imagine yourself in your own museum, with wallpowers where grand birds and flowers and a design of beads and sequins splash off the wall.

The Museum behnang collection is a journey through time and space, in which refined classics merge with contemporary maximalism.
Arte - Loft - tapet

Arte - Loft

Tissage Mahieu - Triad - tapet

Tissage Mahieu - Triad

The luxurious, colorful Triad wallcovering collection from Tissage Mahieu gets a unique 3D effect through the use of special weaving techniques.

Design Triad has a multicolored refined weave of this wallpaper, which gives it a rich, luxurious look.

Design Antelope is a crinkled 3d suede wallpaper with a print in soft tones. Special, hip and stylish wallcovering.

Available per meter.
Tissage Mahieu - Hermitage - tapet

Tissage Mahieu - Hermitage

True luxury is not about wealth or earthly possessions, but about enjoying the simple basic things of life. The Hermitage wallcovering collection fits in perfectly with this. The pure linen structure exudes softness and natural authenticity.
Hermitage wallpaper delights the viewer with its subtle, enchanting and refined 3D effects. Hermitage also has an understated, intimate range of colors. The collection is made of pure linen on a colored non-woven backing, available in 18 timelessly attractive colors and sold by the meter.
Tissage Mahieu - Nuance - tapet

Tissage Mahieu - Nuance

The glamorous designs of Tissage Mahieu's Nuance wallcovering collection bring an abundance of personality and panache to any space.

The chenille and linen threads used for the Cubro wallpaper are crushed like leaves and glued to a non-woven background in natural colors to give the impression of a leaf pattern. The Hue wallpaper mimics the irregular, shimmering look of unique pearls with an expertly placed pearlescent shine on the crushed linen fabric. Beautiful in every way.

The Nuance collection is delivered by the meter.
Caselio - Our Planet - tapet

Caselio - Our Planet

Boras - Newbie - tapet

Boras - Newbie

DWC - Wicker - tapet

DWC - Wicker

DWC - Serpente - tapet

DWC - Serpente

Scion - Esala - tapet

Scion - Esala

DWC - Fusion - tapet

DWC - Fusion

DWC - Caribou - tapet

DWC - Caribou

Eijffinger - Waterfront - tapet

Eijffinger - Waterfront

Casamance - Le Velours - tapet

Casamance - Le Velours

This -Casamance Essentiels- collection gives the illusion of being an actual fabric stretched on the walls. It dresses interiors with a velvety softness and creates a delightful atmosphere. Exquisite blends of colours, the sophistication of the pattern and the textile sensation are invitations to refinement.
Arte - Heliodor - tapet

Arte - Heliodor

Arte - Cameo - tapet

Arte - Cameo

Arte - Gala - tapet

Arte - Gala

Atlas Wallcoverings - The Great Zoo 2 - tapet

Atlas Wallcoverings - The Great Zoo 2

Behang Expresse - Light and Dark - tapet

Behang Expresse - Light and Dark

All designs in the Light and Dark collection are repetitive. If the desired width is more than the width of the product, you can apply several of the same design side by side to achieve the total desired width. The height is generous so that the whole can always be cut to the desired height.