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AS Creation Colibri 36626-3

€ 44.95€ 35.95/ per rulle€ 6.75 p/m2
nr 36626-3 - Colibri
vinyl on fleece
  • Gratis Tapet værktøjer
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  • Kunde bedømmelse 8.9/10
  • Gratis Tapet værktøjer
  • Bestil uden registrering
  • Kunde bedømmelse 8.9/10

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93905 53cm 10.05mtr € 44.95 € 35.95 Tilføj til kurv.

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With our calculator and scheme you can calculate the number of rolls you need for your wall(s).
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Colibri tapet

The Colibri wallpaper collection from AS Création displays exotic plants and flowers in the brightest colors of the rainbow. The backgrounds fit perfectly in interiors with clear furniture and natural accessories.

Wallpaper with exotic flowers and plants that shine in all colors of the rainbow. In between, monkeys are lying around and there are colorful birds on the flower vines.

This is what wallpaper looks like that makes you happy.

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