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Cole and Son The Pearwood Collection 116-6024

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nr 116-6024 - The Pearwood Collection

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99013 ± 15cm ± 20cm € 2.00 Tilføj til kurv.

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The Pearwood Collection tapet

The Pearwood wallpaper collection celebrates the rich design history of Cole & Son with a tribute to the extensive block print archive and the printing techniques that the design agency has developed in its vibrant history.

Pearwood is named after the fruitwood blocks that were originally used for production by Cole & Son's founder, John Perry, and was chosen for its relative hardness, which allowed even the smallest detail to be cut, yet had a durability that the service life of the blocks.

The collection celebrates the ancient craftsmanship of a bygone era with contemporary color palettes and modern design infused with tradition to create something unique Cole & Son. The result - a beautiful and inspiring chronicle of timeless wallpaper design.

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