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New collections wallcovering

Komar - Heritage Edition 1 - wallcovering

Komar - Heritage Edition 1

The focus of this photo wallpaper collection, Heritage Edition 1 by Komar, is on a period between the middle of the 19th and the middle of the 20th century.

In this photo wallpaper series, botanical illustrations, graphic patterns or the sensual forms of Art Nouveau have been interpreted in a modern way.
AS Creation - Absolutely Chic - wallcovering

AS Creation - Absolutely Chic

The cwallpaper collectionAbsolutely Chic byA.S. Création enriches the world of wall clothing with extraordinary looks.

Sophisticated metallics and matt-gloss effects underline the discreet elegance of the high-quality wall outfits, which give each room an exclusive, sensual flair. Convince yourself!
AS Creation - Ethnic Origin - wallcovering

AS Creation - Ethnic Origin

From the graphic patterns of the Massai to the intricate woven blankets of the North American Diné, the wallpaper from the Ethnic Origin collection by A. Création shows a wide range of classical, Eastern designs.

The wallpaper is made of a beautiful non-woven vinyl quality.
BN Wallcoverings - Milano - wallcovering

BN Wallcoverings - Milano

Milano wallpaper collection by BN Wallcoverings.

The Milan design fair is a great source of inspiration for wallpaper designers. They absorb everything. Like a creative sponge. Once back in the Netherlands, they process all impressions in a new collection. This year this creative outburst led to the Milano wallpaper collection.

A collection that stands in the middle of life. The round shapes move with it, radiate heat and offer security, anchored in the sixties and seventies. But with its own character. Because Milano is a collection that likes to be seen, that demands attention and holds it. The exciting color combinations, alternating patterns and the speckled terrazzo splash off the walls and show: it is time for a new impetus, to enjoy beauty and to enjoy life to the fullest.
AS Creation - Only Borders 10 - wallcovering

AS Creation - Only Borders 10

The Only Borders 10 collection from AS Création unites the most beautiful wallpaper borders from all collections. There is a suitable border for every style, ranging from flowers to graphic and classic prints, modern prints and also a lot for children.

A wide range of colors and designs leave nothing to be desired.
The right border for every wall.
Dutch First Class - Glasshouse - wallcovering

Dutch First Class - Glasshouse

Glasshouse wallpaper from Dutch First wallcoverings is botanical, exotic and especially special.

Special wallpaper designs with flowers, plants and animals.
Wallpaper designs such as Akelio, Birdwatch, Mirable, Botany, Brassica, Bexley, Horizon, Quinn, Cedar, Omega, Botanical butterfly, Chatsworth, Savanah Galery, Nia, Wild and free.
Arte - Lino - wallcovering

Arte - Lino

The Lino wallpaper collection from ARTE combines the timelessness of various linen textures with the durability of vinyl wallpaper.

Linen has been a much appreciated element in our interior for centuries. It is a timeless classic with a natural look and an irregular structure. It can be subtle or very pronounced, depending on the chosen yarn. It is this typical, unique texture that makes linen so charismatic. The Lino wallpaper collection combines the timelessness of various linen textures with the durability of vinyl wallpaper.

The wallpaper designs are Gioco a fine linen, Lignes a horizontal depth effect and Aspero with a thick weave pattern.
Arte - Wildwalk - wallcovering

Arte - Wildwalk

Wildwalk is a metrage wallpaper collection from Arte.

Walk with us on the wild side.
Go on an adventure and discover the appearance of the most challenging natural materials. After all, the most beautiful products to surround you in your interior can be found in nature. Combine this with a touch of high-tech to create the luxurious interior of the 21st century.

The wallcovering designs are zebra design Grant, leaf design Eden, hoof print Gallop, Cork look Evora, geometric design DeLuxe, surface design Section, fabric Ferox and suedine Noble.
Arte - Expedition - wallcovering

Arte - Expedition

Expedition is a botanical wallpaper collection from Arte.

Long distance travel and exotic destinations have appealed to our imagination for centuries. The smaller the world becomes digitally, the greater the desire grows to really see some of it. Egypt, Persia, India, Java, China, … Destinations along the inspiring Silk Road that stimulate all our senses.

Luxury silk look wallpaper Tasar and Eri designs with even metallic luster. Sumatra offers us monkeys and Java a wealth of lush plants.
But totally unique is the Silk Road garden photo wallpaper with lifelike vegetation and a very luxurious silk look. Available with and without bengal tiger.
Esta for Kids - Lets Play - wallcovering

Esta for Kids - Lets Play

Let's play! wallpaper collection from ESTA home is full of cheerful animal prints. From mischievous spider monkeys and roaring lions to giant elephants and giraffes: discover the fantastic wallpaper designs with which you can create a cool jungle room in no time. Because tell yourself, what is more exciting than falling asleep among the wild beasts like a real Tarzan or Jane?

Let's play! offers endless inspiration for creating a great children's room. For example, how about a fluffy alpaca, colorful confetti dots or a vintage world map? Tough auto prints should of course not be missing and playful, graphic designs make this sparkling children's collection complete!
AS Creation - Stars and Stripes - wallcovering

AS Creation - Stars and Stripes

York Wallcoverings - Industrial Interiors Vol II - wallcovering

York Wallcoverings - Industrial Interiors Vol II

Industrial Interiors Vol II wallcoverings from York Wallcoverings.

Sophisticated yet warmed by aged patina, the streamline sophistication of industrial design has become the aesthetic of a new generation.

In addition to sustainable project wallcovering, cork and natural wallpaper.
York Wallcoverings - Antonina Vella Mixed Metals - wallcovering

York Wallcoverings - Antonina Vella Mixed Metals

In this luxurious wallpaper collection designed by Antonia Vella called Mixed metals from van York wallcoverings they combine metals and experience the unexpected fusion of warm and contemporary.

New innovations create fluidity of line with high definition, so reimagine what it means to shine.

Go ahead, mix it up, we dare you.
AS Creation - Il Decoro - wallcovering

AS Creation - Il Decoro

Give a space individuality through wallpaper. That is the motto of the wallpaper collection IL DECORO from As creation.

Decorative wallpaper for every style and taste: whether it concerns designs with metallic surfaces, stone, wood, tile or jungle motifs, fonts, stars and city motifs with light effects.

Be inspired by the diversity of the decorative wallpaper world and create spaces with their own character.
AS Creation - Boys and Girls 6 - wallcovering

AS Creation - Boys and Girls 6

Wallpaper with cute animals, funny comic figures, cool graffiti and colorful city life - the new Kids wallpaper collection BOYS & GIRLS from As Creation inspires young and old with a colorful panorama of urban and rural landscapes, complemented by cheerful points and trendy camouflage decorations.

Lovingly drawn and with beautiful matt gloss effects, the modern wallcovering ensures an optimal mood in the rooms of children and teenagers.
York Wallcoverings - Candice Olson Tranquil - wallcovering

York Wallcoverings - Candice Olson Tranquil

Luxury wallpaper made to convey a sense of serenity;
Designer Candice Olson once again sees the house as a peaceful retreat.
Relax and enjoy an enveloping cocoon of comfort and luxury, meant to transform the space into an everyday paradise.
York Wallcoverings - Culture Club - wallcovering

York Wallcoverings - Culture Club

Artistic influences spanning our global family blend to a create this mix of dynamic patterns. Bring the world into your space. Meet a collection as diverse and adventurous as you are. What's your style statement?

Graphic wallpaper designs with diamonds, 3d block patterns, dots pattern or a dynamic diamond pattern. Versus a wallpaper full of doors and sleek newspaper clippings.
Esta home - Scandi Cool - wallcovering

Esta home - Scandi Cool

Pure, fresh a wallpaper that is inspired by nature:
the Scandi Cool wallpaper collection from Esta Home is packed with beautiful Scandinavian prints.
The wallpaper designs vary from elegant line motifs, bright floral prints to playful graphic shapes.
With this fantastic simple chic wallpaper designs, your house looks light and spacious, and it is wonderful to come home.

Special is also the blackboard wallpaper and even a magnetic chalkboard wallpaper.
Khroma - Khromatic - wallcovering

Khroma - Khromatic

BN Wallcoverings - Color Stories - wallcovering

BN Wallcoverings - Color Stories

Color Stories wallpaper from BN Walcoverings.

Every color tells a story. It takes you to music you heard, people you met, places you visited. Emotions come to life. Let your heart speak and color your house with specifically your color.

Choose your wallpaper color from the color stories. Wallpaper with a rustic vivid look that still comes across quietly and that is executed in an easy to apply non-woven vinyl quality.
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