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New collections wallcovering

Arte - Les Thermes - wallcovering

Arte - Les Thermes

The wallpaper from Les Thermes van Arte outlines the rich past of Greco-Roman antiquity, in which sculpture and architecture play an important role.

The well-known bathing culture is also prominent. This is reflected in, among other things, luxurious mosaics, traditional techniques and an impression of a hand-painted scene of Roman baths.

This sumptuous wallpaper collection with designs such as mosaico, stucco, tessera, saturnia and orizzonte lets you taste the historic grandeur of yesteryear.
Caselio - Linen Edition - wallcovering

Caselio - Linen Edition

Linnen, linnen en meer linnen op dit behang van Caselio!

In navolging van het succes van de vorige editie zijn er nog kleuren aan de behangcollectie toegevoegd alsmede is er een meer dimensionaal slub effect gecreëerd voor het mooiste resultaat van een subtiel linnen behang.

Alle wallpapers in de LINEN-collectie zijn vinyl op vlies
Caselio - Autour du Monde - wallcovering

Caselio - Autour du Monde

Caselios AUTOUR DU MONDE wallpaper collection is aimed at children through a range of different designs inspired by a famous adventure novel.

Aboard a hot air balloon above the starry sky, we invite you to travel and explore the two hemispheres in decoration: the north and its small pastel-colored Scandinavian patterns, the south and its colorful tropical patterns.
Caselio - Escapade - wallcovering

Caselio - Escapade

Caselio - Young and Free - wallcovering

Caselio - Young and Free

Casamance - Le Velours 2 - wallcovering

Casamance - Le Velours 2

This collection of Le velours from Casamance Essentiels gives the illusion that it is a real fabric stretched on the walls.
With this wallpaper you cover your interiors with a velvety softness and that creates a wonderful atmosphere.

Exquisite color combinations, the refinement of the pattern and the textile sensation give it a unique warm look.
The non-woven vinyl quality, which also has no pattern, also makes it a very easy to apply wallpaper.
Casamance - Le Atelier - wallcovering

Casamance - Le Atelier

Le Atelier wallpaper from Casamance

Unique pieces with imperfect lines, in deep, warm earth tones have inspired Casamance for this wallpaper collection.

Color areas, geometric shapes and cut-outs take their place on our walls. They evoke artists studios, the study of organic forms and textures. The artists technique is trapped in the grain, reminiscent of a canvas, clay or embroidery. By bringing art into the heart of the home, the collections fulfill the desire for a new art of living.
Casamance - Nuit de orient - wallcovering

Casamance - Nuit de orient

Nuit de orient wallpaper from Casamance

The wallpaper takes its deep colors from the stories of One Thousand and One Nights, and its beautiful shine from the starry sky. Reminiscent of the Orient, the collection takes shape, lifted by gritty, metallic or iridescent inks. In the play of volume and light, the contours of a distant city on the Silk Road appear, the crest of a wave twinkling in the moonlight, an oasis in the twilight or a sky studded with stars.

All the jewels of an Arabian Night are on display in the collection.
Casamance - Aventura - wallcovering

Casamance - Aventura

AVENTURA wallpaper from Casamance reflects the diversity of the world and includes a selection of designs inspired by the most beautiful landscapes of all continents.

With a wealth of deeply colored vegetation, it exudes the merry spirit of the islands and takes us far away, from the jungles of Belize to a small Italian village bathed in sunlight. With beauty, authenticity and colors as a common thread, Casamance takes you on the most beautiful journey. Welcome to the adventure.
Casadeco - Gardens - wallcovering

Casadeco - Gardens

Gardens wallpaper from Casadeco

Welcome to a sensational French style garden. Walk with us through a park full of enchanting flowers : under the beautiful pergola of Clématites to admire an abundant bed of dahlias, contemplate a meadow full of wild flowers from afar, then walk around the water lilies in a pool of casual Nymphéas. Earlier in the season, a row of Magnolias bloomed spectacularly and left a lasting impression.

Ultra matte fleece wallpaper.
Casadeco - Perception - wallcovering

Casadeco - Perception

Perception wallpaper from Casadeco.

Walls of varying proportions: thats what the Perception collection has to offer. This multicolored wallpaper combines lines, textures and an extremely contemporary color palette. They pay tribute to Optical Art dear to the artist Vasarely who died a quarter of a century ago.

Rigorously simple at first glance, the Perception wallpaper collection plays with discontinuity, shapes and nuances to give your rooms a mysterious aura. Faceted textures, hypnotic patterns and mixed colors, the geometric metaphor stretches from top to bottom. No aspect has been forgotten: Tangram is fun, Blocks is subdued, Losange is hypnotic and Rhythm/Mécano and Tetrimino are artistic.
Casadeco - Leathers - wallcovering

Casadeco - Leathers

Leathers from Casadeco lets you discover the richness of LEATHER.

Enter a leather goods workshop with this wallpaper collection and evoke all your senses: appreciate the scents of leather, caress the patchworks with foal skin effects, feel the softness of suede and discover the preciousness of ray skin.

Cover your walls with an untamed look!
Casadeco - Nicaragua - wallcovering

Casadeco - Nicaragua

With the Nicaragua collection a breath of the exotic covers your walls : fly away to the the most authentic of Central American countries !

A country of lakes and volcanoes, Nicaragua lies between the immensity of the Pacific and the Carribbean. This country, still relatively unknown to tourists, appeals to both the adventurous and lovers of paradisiac beaches. This contrast is fully expressed in the Nicaragua collection : in turn, the wallpapers are a colourful homage to the architecture of Central America or the spirit of tropical forests, finishing with the flamboyance typical of this passionate country.
Missoni Home - Wallcoverings 04 - wallcovering

Missoni Home - Wallcoverings 04

The collection "MissoniHome Wallcoverings04" in a proposal that harmonizes shades, geometries and nature, in a kaleidoscope of iconic designs and patterns from the Missoni maison. Colors, textures and almost three-dimensional relief effects are the protagonists of the collection in which designs such as Flamed Zig Zag and Happy Zig Zag come to life thanks to micro-lines and graphic signs that create abstract geometries. Optical patterns prevail, even in the botanical patterns and large-format elements of Constellation, such as micro zig zags and chevron, which animate the walls giving materiality and light effects.
Livingwalls - Metropolitan Stories THE WALL - wallcovering

Livingwalls - Metropolitan Stories THE WALL

Emil and Hugo - Sakura - wallcovering

Emil and Hugo - Sakura

Rasch - Club - wallcovering

Rasch - Club

Club wallpaper van Rasch.

A nice evening with friends in a glamorous ambience – no one has to go to Berlin-Mitte for that anymore. Our Club collection transforms your living room into a stylish city location.

Various animal furs and skins were the inspiration for our colorful selection of wallpapers. Shimmering eel leather in extravagant orange-red, glamorous gold or multicolored white and gray tones. Animal skins in wonderfully natural brown or soft creamy white. Eye-catching leather tiles with a graphic pattern in a wide variety of color combinations such as reddish brown, pastel turquoise, water blue and petrol bring the club atmosphere into your four walls.
Rasch - Bambino XIX - wallcovering

Rasch - Bambino XIX

Bambino XIX childrens wallpaper from Rasch.

Everything has been thought of in this Bambino wallpaper collection so that the little ones feel at home. For example, there are dots, stripes or small rainbows in light, delicate watercolors. This creates a relaxed atmosphere during the day and allows even the bravest night owls to rest in the evening.

But it can get a little wild. At least if elephants, lions or zebras pass by the nursery. And they not only feel comfortable among the filigree palm leaves, but also like to surround themselves with large blossoms and small flowers in pastel pink, light blue or light grey. A subtle color composition that will still please you after a few years – and likes to grow with you.
Rasch - Elegance and Tradition VIII - wallcovering

Rasch - Elegance and Tradition VIII

The Elegance and Tradition VIII wallpaper collection from Rasch brings you royal allure for every day.

French charm, satin sheen, opulent shapes and opulent patterns. This classic collection of wallpapers shows us everything that has a royal rank and a baroque name.

Motifs such as lavish ornaments, garlands, classic stripes or playful tendrils are central to this wallpaper collection.
Hookedonwalls - Tahiti - wallcovering

Hookedonwalls - Tahiti

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