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Arte Lincrusta RD 1957

€ 249.00/ per roll€ 89.89 p/m2
Empire frieze
nr RD 1957 - Lincrusta
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Lincrusta wallcovering

The Lincrusta wall covering was introduced in 1877 and was an instant success due to large applications in royal houses and train wagons. It was attractive to the Victorians because of its sanitary properties as well as its durability, washability and graceful relief appearance.
This British invention was the brainchild of Frederick Walton whose father was a pioneer in linoleum. The name Lincrusta comes from Linum (flax, from which linseed oil is made) and Crusta (Relief).

This paintable wall covering with, among other things, Gothic, Gregorian and Art Nouveau designs is a lasting enrichment for the interior and, in addition to wallpaper, is also available as borders and paneling.

Entire collection Lincrusta wallcovering.

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