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Livingwalls - Metropolitan Stories 3 Travel Styles - cortinas

Livingwalls - Metropolitan Stories 3 Travel Styles

A dream trip begins... new countries, new cities, new cultures - we rediscover the world with five charismatic travel scouts and take a look at extraordinary interior styles. Traveling in impressive big cities, our characters bring home the impressions of their travels. There - in your own four walls, you will find the style and attitude to life of wonderful experiences from far-off countries. Charged with pure emotion, lasting memories and the desire for a new lifestyle. Travels Styles - make the world your home.
Caselio - Girl Power - cortinas

Caselio - Girl Power

Casadeco - Oxford - cortinas

Casadeco - Oxford

Casadeco - Nova - cortinas

Casadeco - Nova

Nova is a special wallpaper collection from Casadeco, completely different from other collections. Using graphic and visual tricks to show his unique retro style.

The linen-like background structure always makes the wallpaper patterns look elegant.
Casadeco - Cuba - cortinas

Casadeco - Cuba

With the Cuba wallpaper collection, Casadeco offers this festive and opulent atmosphere, simply unique, in wallpaper to enjoy an extraordinary decor, both chic and authentic, full of joy of life and an incredible cultural heritage in a colonial spirit.

The colors explode in the heart of Havana, the sun warms up, the music echoes, the vegetation shines.

Bring the colors of the Cuban to life on your wall in this beautiful quality non-woven vinyl wallpaper.
Casadeco - Happy Dreams - cortinas

Casadeco - Happy Dreams

Prestigious Textiles - Logan - cortinas

Prestigious Textiles - Logan

Logan curtain fabric from Prestigious Textiles is rustic in style and inviting in spirit.
It is a tweedy mixed fabric suitable for light upholstery purposes as well as for curtains, pillows and plaids.

Logan curtain fabric with a wide tonal spectrum is based on natural influences, with 23 color options inspired by rich earth tones and rugged peat faces.
Prestigious Textiles - Core - cortinas

Prestigious Textiles - Core

Core curtains from Prestigious Textiles includes 36 different shades and is a collection of essential solid cotton for curtains, pillows and lifestyle accessories anywhere in the house.

The collection is also very suitable for supporting prints or fabrics as when adding color tones to a monotonous scheme.
Prestigious Textiles - Oslo - cortinas

Prestigious Textiles - Oslo

The Oslo uni curtain fabrics from Prestigious textilees. This brushed poly cotton is beautiful and feels super soft.

But Oslo curtain fabric is also tough: the fabric is certified to withstand more than 100, 000 frictions, making it perfect as furniture fabric for cushions and upholstery for more intensive use.

Choose from 42 colors and enjoy the soft touch.
Scion - Haiku Voiles - cortinas

Scion - Haiku Voiles