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Eijffinger Museum 307410

€ 850.00€ 54.21 p/m2

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560cm 280cm Non woven € 850.00 Añadir a la cesta.
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Museum, a place where art and fashion meet in lush designs, luxurious fabrics and surprising creations. With this inspiring wallpaper collection from Eijffinger you can turn your interior into a contemporary masterpiece.

Wallpaper with a generous gesture of painted flowers, birds and butterflies on canvas. Line-drawn flowers on matte paper, picked from ancient etchings. Feel the fabric structure, from velvety flock wallpaper to super soft rib wallpaper with color gradient. Or opt for understated chic with a grand pleated blind with metallic accents and a refined uni sprinkled with distressed gold dots. Imagine yourself in your own museum, with wallpowers where grand birds and flowers and a design of beads and sequins splash off the wall.

The Museum behnang collection is a journey through time and space, in which refined classics merge with contemporary maximalism.

Colección completa

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307406 Fancy feather
nr 307406 - Museum
Non woven
color principal
Gris, blanco
cola para papel pintado
number of parts
8 strips