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Nuevas colecciones fotomurales

Elitis - La caravane - fotomurales

Elitis - La caravane

It is said in Seoul that luck is tucked away in the folds of the Pojagi fabric. When this everyday fabric transforms itself as a coated canvas, and lends its patchwork to walls, is good fortune still hidden within the textile? We have seen it reappear between the large meshes of abaca and raffia weaves. On the canvas, in vast areas of solid color, detailed with decorative topstitching, it has the elegance of a soft and soothing gift. With earthy, sometimes faded attributes from having been passed down and pieced together through many generations, it maintains an ever-soothing article of design.

This collection was conceived as a sequel to the Eldorado wallcovering collection, based on the Atelier d Artiste design. It originates from the discovery of the Korean fabric, Pojagi. These textiles used to wrap gifts and objects (Chogak is the popular term) are composed of several fabrics. They are reinterpreted here in pattern layouts of coated canvas, reflecting a raffia or abaca effect in serene and melodic colors, almost chalky for some: terracotta, powdery pinks, lake greens and blues, natural whites.
Elitis - Mouvements - fotomurales

Elitis - Mouvements

Face to face with astounding works in a contemporary art gallery. First, a moment of wonder, in the presence of these foreign materials and textured abstractions. Gradually, the painter’s movements are revealed through the hatching, streaks, and scratches of a painting that vibrates under its lacquered light. On other creations, a shiny satin sculpted by laser reveals its layers and matt crevices, like a new material, surprising, soft, random, and whose reality, invented by the visual artist, seems to escape us.

Mouvements explores two ultra-innovative digital techniques, PVC free 3D printing and laser engraving. Each allows new effects, which surprise and unsettle our senses. The first deposits its ink along a few millimeters in height, its glossy aspect standing out from the matt background while offering volume that can be felt to the touch. For the second, the laser cuts silky satin in its thickness, revealing other facets of its material, more matt, while also unveiling a mysterious relief.
Elitis - Merida - fotomurales

Elitis - Merida

Raffia embraces a pop and colourful imaginary world. In this graphic vision, it follows the rhythm of the sun as it passes through the large geometric windows of a vast contemporary villa. Its light sets the tempo to the shimmering water and crosses the lush foliage of mango trees to project its shapes onto immense volumes of concrete. An urban oasis chock-full of harmonies where bold colour schemes compose and recompose their ideas of design and art.

This 100% natural fibre collection shows raffia in a new light. In contrast to its more raw signature incarnations, it expresses a very contemporary universe where the inspirations of painters and great architects mingle through a resolutely graphic approach: geometric layouts. Motivated by the layout work found in Essence de Bois, we composed these real puzzles piece by piece, positioning and repositioning the cut-outs at will to create dense, graphic and rich imaginary universes. The workshop to which we have entrusted the manufacturing performs incredible workmanship on each creation, by hand, element by element.
Elitis - Bois sculpte - fotomurales

Elitis - Bois sculpte

The shavings flutter around his hands. The distinctive smell of sap has been wafting through the workshop since early morning. It accompanies the tempo of the gouge, the emergence of each groove, and the movements which are sculpted on the surface of the material, ricocheting off the simple knots and veins of the wood. Upon waking from the hypnosis of repeated gestures and stepping back, the painting is revealed. This collection invites you into a wood sculptor’s workshop and pays homage to the raw evidence of this material which has always accompanied humanity and its artists. The embossed vinyl recaptures the relief present at the beginning of the creation, since it was initially engraved by hand in the form of models. The result is a play on depth with light that honors the three designs. In the background, we can see the knots and veins of the simple species that have been chosen: mahogany, pine, oak ...
Eijffinger - Artifact - fotomurales

Eijffinger - Artifact

Experience pure craftsmanship from all over the world. Artisan, authentic and artistic. Artifact fuses contemporary handicrafts and honest materials into artistic shapes and patterns.

Artifact is a fascinating layered collection with a rustic edge, subtly minimalist and at the same time endlessly intriguing. With natural materials as a starting point, processed by human hands. Warm undertones of pure loam, strong clay and rough jute, beautifully combined with sculptural shapes and fine graphic lines.

Imagine yourself in a Japanese Zen garden, with raked gravel patterns of pressed dots in clay. A large, robust design, with a nod to ethnic motifs, is printed with rough ink on a textile structure. There are also abstract triangles and a geometric design against a sophisticated, shiny background. Or opt for softly striped waves full of depth, with a light gradient. A layered uni with a coarse tweed textile look completes the series. The color palette is subdued and full of natural colours, from linen, beige and camel to sage, earthy terra, taupe, khaki, indigo, forest green and new black.

Fascinating are the wallpowers with the optical depth of a clay relief, a gracefully meandering line on a coarsely painted surface and a striking multi-coloured abstract design.
Artifact continues to fascinate, can be combined endlessly and always in balance.
Elitis - Panoramique 360 - fotomurales

Elitis - Panoramique 360

Imagine a collection of short stories, light and carefree. Imagine stories that never end, the joy of shared moments that continues unabated along beaches and through forests. To the left, infinity. To the right, infinity. Cosmopolitan scenes that unfold in their entirety, revealing impromptu details and giving us a taste of the world’s simple pleasures.

With the collaboration of Marie Papillaud and Vincent Gevin
Arte - Sculptura - fotomurales

Arte - Sculptura

The Sculptura wallpaper collection from Arte takes its inspiration from traditional plaster.

Strips of plaster were placed in a pattern by hand to translate into a surprising vinyl wallpaper collection. The typical plaster structure of gauze, cracks and irregularities are clearly visible.
This intriguing relief wallcovering with surprising geometric patterns gives color, relief and structure to the wall in a subtle way. Thanks to the shadow play of light and dark, the plain walls come to life.
In short, Sculptura wallpaper is a decorative added value in your interior without demanding all the attention.
Atlas Wallcoverings - Modern Art - fotomurales

Atlas Wallcoverings - Modern Art

Casamance - Bagatelle - fotomurales

Casamance - Bagatelle

Emblematic Parisian garden, Bagatelle is a said to be a folly due to the wager made by Marie-Antoinette : to design a house and garden in under one hundred days. This magical place, filled with exotic plants and English roses, leaves its mark on a luxurious collection of wallcoverings. The textile is comprised of hundreds of yarns, combining matte linen with lustrous viscose. On this rich blend, deep tones come to life and recreate the changing scenery of Bagatelle on the walls.
AS Creation - Walls by Patel 3 - fotomurales

AS Creation - Walls by Patel 3

AS Creation - ARTist - fotomurales

AS Creation - ARTist

Design is all around us and has a large influence on our everyday life. Various designs and diverse influences allow for the creation of even more new motifs and ideas. Design is an inexhaustible source, underpinned by the most extraordinary inspirations which lead to the most creative outcomes.

The following seven ARTists have very different perceptions when it comes to art, and they implement their ideas and impulses based on contrasting experiences. Experience the realization of places, cultural and political topics, and other socio-political issues in the following presented images.
Casamance - Archipel - fotomurales

Casamance - Archipel

Archipel wallpaper from Casamance.
Fascinating and with vectors of the imagination, the Archoel Islands of Southeast Asia inspire this wallpaper collection.

Archipel carries with it the promise of harmony with nature. The material with its ginkgo and texteil effects is reminiscent of vegetable craftsmanship. It welcomes beautiful landscapes, wide, sometimes wild. Snapshots of Japan, Indonesia and elsewhere sketched in the soft colors and delicate graphics that envelop the walls with their poetry.

This detailed wallpaper comes in a luxurious non-woven vinyl quality.
Casamance - Karabane - fotomurales

Casamance - Karabane

Karabane is a lush island with no roads near the Casamance River, in southern Senegal.

Karabane is also an authentic wallpaper collection that conveys the beauty of places on the paper. The collection is inspired by a traditional fabric with geometric motifs representing exotic leaves.
It reinterprets lush vegetation made of mango trees, flame trees and bougainvilleas. The designs and textures are available in a range of natural tones, from the softest to the most vibrant.
Casamance - Alternative - fotomurales

Casamance - Alternative

ALTERNATIVE is raw yet exquisite collection of naturel wallpaper.

Heir of a generous nature, invaluable savoir-faire and ancient skills, the choice goes to natural materials. Inviting sisal, bamboo, seagrass and cork into the heart of the collection, ALTERNATIVE suggests other ways of creating and producing. The fibres catch the light and the colours sing. The natural material is plaited, woven, without artifice. Interplay of textures and metallic highlights dress the walls exquisitely with without pomp or pretension.
Hookedonwalls - Caribbean - fotomurales

Hookedonwalls - Caribbean

Caribbean wallpaper from Hooked on walls.

The cheerfully colored wallpaper with exotic, tropical leaves, weeds and bird and fish motifs brings the Caribbean atmosphere to every home.
The many colorful plain wallpapers complete the picture.

Wallpaper designs such as bali, tuvalu, palau, kirbati, bora bora, moorea, samoa, tropical forest give the carribean a place in your home.
Eijffinger - Oasis - fotomurales

Eijffinger - Oasis

The Oasis wallpaper collection is a voyage of discovery through exotic nature.

Vibrant wallpaper designs and contemporary colors give a vintage vibe to the much-loved tropical trend.

Cranes, palms, tropical plants and shade leaves provide an atmospheric oasis in your home.
Arte - Decors Panoramiques - fotomurales

Arte - Decors Panoramiques

Each panoramic or decor immerses you in a fairy-tale or intriguing story. Not only the pattern appeals to the imagination, the material used is also surprising. From velvety soft silk looks and bouclé fabrics to sophisticated linen effects.

The hand-painted scenes of the Panoramiques are artistic gems and always consist of several panels that together form one panoramic whole. Décors are lavish images that make a statement on the wall. These eye-catchers are available by the linear metre, easy to use in any room.
AS Creation - Karl Lagerfeld - fotomurales

AS Creation - Karl Lagerfeld

KARL LAGERFELD is proud to announce the launch of KARL LAGERFELD Wallpaper. The collection offers nine characteristic motif areas and some of the most famous sketches, logos and prints by Karl Lagerfeld. The overall aesthetic expresses the unmistakable trademark of the legendary fashion designer. He was also personally enthusiastic about interior design and often used different artistic themes, materials and colors to decorate his houses.
Elitis - Volver - fotomurales

Elitis - Volver

Volver wallpaper from Elitis

With their not so good and wonderfully retro feel, they are reinventing California and the French Riviera. Here a deconstructed tapestry, cypress or palm, here a colorful Mediterranean pop. Their motto is simple: the bohemian life starts at our roots and is always a love for the sun!

With their raffia effect embossing, these colorful brhang designs exude an artisan spirit brought to life through muted colours.
Elitis - Les petites histoires - fotomurales

Elitis - Les petites histoires

Les petites histoires wallpaper from Elitis

Let's take a walk together" our furry and feathered heroes tell us as they sing in these rural landscapes, they look so British and take cues from the seventies. In the abundance of plants and flowers, let's also look for details and treasures to take home from the walk.

Exotic abstract wallpaper that is also very nice for the nursery.