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Free interior advice

Appointment with stylist

Make an appointment for interior advice with one of the interior stylists of Color My Interior.
Visiting our showroom without an appointment is of course also possible.

free interior advice

The advice may relate to wallpaper, curtains, net curtains, interior blinds, paint, photo walls, decorative profiles, skirting boards, carpets, vinyl and carpet.

What can we do for you?

The stylist translates your ideas into a beautiful whole that is tailored to your situation, taking into account existing materials / furniture, etc. If you do not have any ideas about the decoration of your home, we will contribute it. The stylist is also your pilot because of the enormous possibilities that are available in wallpaper and curtains, etc. The stylist, who does have the knowledge of the range, probably comes up with ideas / applications that you had not thought of or that you did not know existed.


Bring the following, if available:
Floor plan, photos of the room, samples of existing products such as floor, window decoration, etc. and possibly pictures or ideas about the desired style or color scheme.


After you have made your choice, with the correct dimensions you can immediately calculate how much wallpaper, paint, curtains, etc. you need and what it costs. With a detailed advice, a quotation will first follow after our upholsterer has measured the curtains and sun blinds for you. It can also be assemble it later.

Make an appointment

Stylists are always present in our showroom, but if you want to be sure that they can help you as much as possible and have plenty of time, it is best to make an appointment.

Mail or call us for an appointment with our customer service.

Advice at home

For the best possible advice, you can also have a stylist come to your home. In that case, your living situation can be taken into account more specifically. See > advice at home

free interior advice