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Papel pintado
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The Vienne collection is a vibrant tribute to the Austrian state of mind, a mark of elegance and hedonism.

In each print in the collection, classicism vies with a Bohemian spirit.

Colección completa

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Opera gris
nr VIEN87349126 - Vienne
Non woven Vinyl
raccord (cm)
53 rapport recto
color principal
off white
cola para papel pintado

descripción (nl)

Op een basis die lijkt op linnen komen sierlijke krullen en bladeren samen op dit behang genaamd Opera.

Dit vliesvinyl behang is heel makkelijk aan te brengen. U heeft geen behangtafel nodig. De wand insmeren met behanglijm en het behang tegen de wand aanbrengen. Behang zoals vlies en vliesvinyl is vormvast en krimpt niet.

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muestra gratis 4-10 días de trabajo Delivery time sample is often longer than delivery time product.
calculator Calculador de papeles pintados
Ancho - cm
Alto - cm
0 Rollos
Cola para papel pintado
With our calculator and scheme you can calculate the number of rolls you need for your wall(s).
Note: The result of this calculator is only an indication that no rights can be derives.
It is also possible that a design has a pattern which is not specified.
Outcome may also differ because no account is taken of windows and doors.
It is not possible to return of rolls due to a different outcome.