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Anguille Big croco Galuchat

A wallpaper collection from Elitis with both Croco and Anguille.
Luxury leather goods brands opt for their elegance. Elitis applies their beauty in wall coverings for our walls.

Big Croco is a design with a very contemporary large-format crocodile skin.
A strong saddle-maker spirit shaped the leather in black and brown tones, but also in contemporary brutal colors.

Anquille is a skin with a particularly luxurious and rich appearance in natural hues but also in beautiful rich and deep colors.

With subtle variations in color and their relief designs, these wallpapering know how to reveal the authenticity of a place. Charm wallpaper with a timeless character.

Colección completa

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Anguille off white
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muestra gratis 8-15 días de trabajo Delivery time sample is often longer than delivery time product since covid.
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descripción (nl)
Anguille Or blanc
Dunne paling huiden, subtiel aan elkaar geplakt, in mooie vintage tinten.
Thin eel hides, delicately stitched together, adopt vintage tints.

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