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AS Creation Boys and Girls 6 36990-2

€ 32.95/ por rollo

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13cm 5mtr € 32.95 Añadir a la cesta.
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Boys and Girls 6

Wallpaper with cute animals, funny comic figures, cool graffiti and colorful city life - the new Kids wallpaper collection BOYS & GIRLS from As Creation inspires young and old with a colorful panorama of urban and rural landscapes, complemented by cheerful points and trendy camouflage decorations.

Lovingly drawn and with beautiful matt gloss effects, the modern wallcovering ensures an optimal mood in the rooms of children and teenagers.

Colección completa

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Pastel eenhoorn behangrand
nr 36990-2 - Boys and Girls 6
Non woven
color principal
naranja, púrpura, gris, plata
cola para papel pintado

descripción (nl)

Dit vlies behang is heel makkelijk aan te brengen. U heeft geen behangtafel nodig. De wand insmeren met behanglijm en het behang tegen de wand aanbrengen. Behang zoals vlies en vliesvinyl is vormvast en krimpt niet.

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