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Casamance Rio Madeira 74250508

€ 111.10/ par rouleau€ 15.79 p/m2
nr 74250508 - Rio Madeira
vinyl on fleece
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87650 70cm 10.05mtr € 111.10 Ajouter au panier.
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101670 ± 15cm ± 20cm € 2.50 Ajouter au panier.

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With our calculator and scheme you can calculate the number of rolls you need for your wall(s).
Note: The result of this calculator is only an indication that no rights can be derives.
It is also possible that a design has a pattern which is not specified.
Outcome may also differ because no account is taken of windows and doors.
It is not possible to return of rolls due to a different outcome.

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calcada Casamance
Papier peint
€ 107.10

Rio Madeira papier peint

The Rio Madeiro wallpaper collection from Casamance is rich in diversity and combinations.

The legacy of the colonial splendor and beauty of the jungle, shows us from afar the magic and \"joie de vivre\" through the intensity of its colors. Botanical wallpaper with flowers and leaves and coarse weave structures in beautiful colors.

Wallpaper is made of a heavy-duty non-woven vinyl quality.

Collection totale Rio Madeira papier peint.