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Nuove collezioni carta da parati

Casamance - Bagatelle - carta da parati

Casamance - Bagatelle

Emblematic Parisian garden, Bagatelle is a said to be a folly due to the wager made by Marie-Antoinette : to design a house and garden in under one hundred days. This magical place, filled with exotic plants and English roses, leaves its mark on a luxurious collection of wallcoverings. The textile is comprised of hundreds of yarns, combining matte linen with lustrous viscose. On this rich blend, deep tones come to life and recreate the changing scenery of Bagatelle on the walls.
Casamance - Select 7 - carta da parati

Casamance - Select 7

Casadeco - Canevas - carta da parati

Casadeco - Canevas

Casamance - Archipel - carta da parati

Casamance - Archipel

Fascinating and with vectors of the imagination, the islands of Southeast Asia inspire this collection. Archipel carries with it the promise of harmony with nature. The material with its grain and marquetry effects reminiscent of vegetal artisanship. It welcomes superb landscapes, wise, sometimes wild. Snapshots of Japan, Indonesia and elsewhere sketched in the soft colours and delicate graphics, enveloping the walls with their poetry.
Casamance - Karabane - carta da parati

Casamance - Karabane

Karabane is a lush island without roads close to the Casamance River, in southern Senegal. It is also an authentic collection which transfers the beauty of places onto the paper. The collection is inspired by a traditional fabric with geometric motifs representing exotic leaves. It reinterprets lush vegetation made of mango trees, flame trees and bougainvilleas. The designs and textures are available in a range of natural shades, from the softest to the most vivid.
Casamance - Textures Vegetales - carta da parati

Casamance - Textures Vegetales

From natural material to wallpaper... The Precision of the gesture and beauty of the material emanate from these artisanal creations and are the origin for our vinyl textures. Expertly assembled and declined in subtle shades, the essences colonize the walls. The plants richness inscribes into the material and awakens our senses. This perfectly realistic wall collection meets our deep need for nature.
Casamance - Alternative - carta da parati

Casamance - Alternative

ALTERNATIVE is raw yet exquisite collection. Heir of a generous nature, invaluable savoir-faire and ancient skills, the choice goes to natural materials. Inviting sisal, bamboo, seagrass and cork into the heart of the collection, ALTERNATIVE suggests other ways of creating and producing. The fibres catch the light and the colours sing. The natural material is plaited, woven, without artifice. Interplay of textures and metallic highlights dress the walls exquisitely with without pomp or pretension.
Casamance - Ete Indien - carta da parati

Casamance - Ete Indien

Autumnal fairy tale The collection is based around intense colours, dahlias and blooming roses. Drops of water create graceful curves whilst Belle de Nuit flowers reveal their beauty at dusk. The flamboyance of the start of autumn runs through the whole collection. The colourful shades bear witness to the exuberant flowers. An iridescent lacquer, a sandy ink, underline the delicacy of the patterns and represents the quality of the summer’s end light. A bewitching collection with muted and luminous shades, the colours of an Indian Summer.
Hookedonwalls - Lemuria - carta da parati

Hookedonwalls - Lemuria

Lemuria wallpaper from Hooked on walls a collection full of natural structures and leaf motifs and tropical birds and lemurs.

Wallpaper designs called unito raffia, unito ribbon grass, baobab, parrot, banano, lemuri give an exotic atmosphere to a room.
Hookedonwalls - Caribbean - carta da parati

Hookedonwalls - Caribbean

Caribbean wallpaper from Hooked on walls.

The cheerfully colored wallpaper with exotic, tropical leaves, weeds and bird and fish motifs brings the Caribbean atmosphere to every home.
The many colorful plain wallpapers complete the picture.

Wallpaper designs such as bali, tuvalu, palau, kirbati, bora bora, moorea, samoa, tropical forest give the carribean a place in your home.
Hookedonwalls - Culture Club - carta da parati

Hookedonwalls - Culture Club

Culture Club wallpaper from Hookedonwalls.

Graphic wallpaper with a zen sophistication. Considered orderly tight compositions for rest and decoration at the same time.

Uni wallpaper and graphic designs such as unito telamare, unito canvas, painted squares, unito intreccio, straw, composizione nikko, geometrico nikko for a tidy interior.
Eijffinger - Oasis - carta da parati

Eijffinger - Oasis

The Oasis wallpaper collection is a voyage of discovery through exotic nature.

Vibrant wallpaper designs and contemporary colors give a vintage vibe to the much-loved tropical trend.

Cranes, palms, tropical plants and shade leaves provide an atmospheric oasis in your home.
Arte - Essentials Costura - carta da parati

Arte - Essentials Costura

Costura wallpaper form ARte draws its inspiration from traditional craftsmanship with textiles as the starting point. All designs are formed with needle and thread. They are translated into motifs with striking stitching and impressive patchwork. Diagonal lines and surprising prints alternate in this unique collection based on handicraft.
Arte - Gitane - carta da parati

Arte - Gitane

Gitane charms with its exuberance!
It takes you on a world trip from Tibet to Zimbabwe and to the beautiful Italian flower fields. It plays with eclectic scenes and patterns, which gives it an awe-inspiring appearance. The varied mix of materials and the colour palette contribute to a striking whole. Maximalism has no rules – nothing is too crazy. And that is exactly what makes this style so much fun.

It is also an extension of your personality. A wallcovering with character and impact? That is Gitane!
Arte - Decors Panoramiques - carta da parati

Arte - Decors Panoramiques

Each panoramic or decor immerses you in a fairy-tale or intriguing story. Not only the pattern appeals to the imagination, the material used is also surprising. From velvety soft silk looks and bouclé fabrics to sophisticated linen effects.

The hand-painted scenes of the Panoramiques are artistic gems and always consist of several panels that together form one panoramic whole. Décors are lavish images that make a statement on the wall. These eye-catchers are available by the linear metre, easy to use in any room.
AS Creation - Karl Lagerfeld - carta da parati

AS Creation - Karl Lagerfeld

KARL LAGERFELD is proud to announce the launch of KARL LAGERFELD Wallpaper. The collection offers nine characteristic motif areas and some of the most famous sketches, logos and prints by Karl Lagerfeld. The overall aesthetic expresses the unmistakable trademark of the legendary fashion designer. He was also personally enthusiastic about interior design and often used different artistic themes, materials and colors to decorate his houses.
AS Creation - Mata Hari - carta da parati

AS Creation - Mata Hari

Eijffinger - Natural Wallcoverings III - carta da parati

Eijffinger - Natural Wallcoverings III

Elitis - Volver - carta da parati

Elitis - Volver

Volver wallpaper from Elitis

With their not so good and wonderfully retro feel, they are reinventing California and the French Riviera. Here a deconstructed tapestry, cypress or palm, here a colorful Mediterranean pop. Their motto is simple: the bohemian life starts at our roots and is always a love for the sun!

With their raffia effect embossing, these colorful brhang designs exude an artisan spirit brought to life through muted colours.
Elitis - Les petites histoires - carta da parati

Elitis - Les petites histoires

Les petites histoires wallpaper from Elitis

Let's take a walk together" our furry and feathered heroes tell us as they sing in these rural landscapes, they look so British and take cues from the seventies. In the abundance of plants and flowers, let's also look for details and treasures to take home from the walk.

Exotic abstract wallpaper that is also very nice for the nursery.