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Atlas Wallcoverings The Great Zoo 2 2015-3

€ 119.00/ per rotolo€ 28.75 p/m2

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48.70cm 8.50mtr € 119.00 Aggiungi al carrello.
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The Great Zoo 2

While thinking of the fluidity and adaptability of the design, longevity is another crucial component of nursery decor. It is pulling together a space that will grow with the baby, keeping the requirements of the upcoming years in mind when choosing specific items and laying out the room. Choose from our great selection of nursery wallpaper and murals.

Create a stimulating and happy environment for your little one that they will grow up to love. Design a nursery that your baby will love, with bold colors and friendly designs, to create the ultimate snug that both you and your children will enjoy. The stunning designs create a fantastic focal point in a childs nursery, bedroom or playroom.

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nr 2015-3 - The Great Zoo 2
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48.7 rapporto diritto

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Dit vlies behang is heel makkelijk aan te brengen. U heeft geen behangtafel nodig. De wand insmeren met behanglijm en het behang tegen de wand aanbrengen. Behang zoals vlies en vliesvinyl is vormvast en krimpt niet.

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