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Casadeco Rose and Nino RONI29791523

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Rose and Nino

ose and Nino is a beautiful childrens wallpaper collection produced by Casadeco.

Rose and Nino tell beautiful stories full of tenderness and imagination, colors and sweetness, animals and cute illustrations... Designed for girls and boys up to 6 years old, this wallpaper collection creates an enchanting decor for their room, filling their days and nights with little pleasures to grasp, to invent, to dream. Great adventures to live every day, surrounded by flowered giraffes, striped whales, friendly tigers, fluffy clouds ... a treasure hunt.

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nr RONI29791523 - Rose and Nino
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53 rapporto diritto
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Dit vlies behang is heel makkelijk aan te brengen. U heeft geen behangtafel nodig. De wand insmeren met behanglijm en het behang tegen de wand aanbrengen. Behang zoals vlies en vliesvinyl is vormvast en krimpt niet.

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