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Dutch Design Walls

DDW - Wallcovering from Dutch Masters & Designers
Colormyinterior presents these days the series "Wall coverings by Dutch masters & designers".
DDW Eindhoven - Dutch Design Walls
Dutch masterpieces on photo wallpaper on your wall?
The milkmaid (above), The girl with the pearl (below), or a view of canals of Amsterdam (below), ... etc. Works by many famous Dutch masters are available in any desired size, in a high quality and completely wall-filling You will find prices for our photo productshere. DDW Eindhoven - Dutch Design Walls
From Vermeer to Van Vliet
A preview of a number of characteristic collections can be found below. If you want to see and feel all collections, come to our showroom. Our stylists are happy to provide you with free interior advice.
Kleurmijninterieur - Hollandse Meesterwerken - ddw

Kleurmijninterieur - Hollandse Meesterwerken

Behang Expresse - Thomas - ddw

Behang Expresse - Thomas

BN Wallcoverings - Dimensions - ddw

BN Wallcoverings - Dimensions

Dutch Wallcoverings - Painted Memories - ddw

Dutch Wallcoverings - Painted Memories

Kek Amsterdam - Golden Age Flowers - ddw

Kek Amsterdam - Golden Age Flowers

Arte - MC Escher - ddw

Arte - MC Escher

MC Escher unique wallcovering collection from Brian Yates

Maurits Cornelis Escher was a Dutch artist, known for his woodcuts, wood engravings and lithographs, in which he often played with mathematical principles.

His engravings often depict impossible constructions, studies of infinity and matching geometric patterns that gradually change into completely different forms.

Famous works such as Climbing and Descending, metamorphoses, Sky and Water, bond of Union have been developed into wallpaper, photo panels or borders. Printed on matte paper with a non-woven backing with an authentic character, as if it were decades old.

BN Wallcoverings - Neo Royal by Marcel Wanders - ddw

BN Wallcoverings - Neo Royal by Marcel Wanders

Onszelf - Smile - ddw

Onszelf - Smile

BN Wallcoverings - Dutch Masters - ddw

BN Wallcoverings - Dutch Masters

BN Wallcoverings - Art - ddw

BN Wallcoverings - Art

Eijffinger - Masterpiece - ddw

Eijffinger - Masterpiece

Masterpiece wallpaper from Eijffinger or Brian Yates takes you into the intriguing world of old masters and exquisite details. So far away and yet so close. The timeless play of light and shadow, once so skilfully immortalized on canvas, translated with verve into contemporary wallpaper in this collection.

Lush flowers contrast beautifully with deep, dark backgrounds or classic cream. Deeply coloured plains accented with a touch of weathered gold or with the feel of chenille. Carpet patterns and stripes in royal blue, carmine, zinc grey and ochre give the pure pigments of the past a contemporary face. With the great classics in a new context, Masterpiece makes art accessible to this day and age.
BN Wallcoverings - Van Gogh - ddw

BN Wallcoverings - Van Gogh

Piet Hein Eek - Scrapwood Wallpaper 2 - ddw

Piet Hein Eek - Scrapwood Wallpaper 2

Piet Hein Eek - Scrapwood PHE - ddw

Piet Hein Eek - Scrapwood PHE

Piet Boon - Concrete - ddw

Piet Boon - Concrete