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Elitis Voiles de papier TP-334-01

€ 932.00€ 110.95 p/m2

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Voiles de papier

Neither monochrome nor monotonous, paper is engrossed in the game of hide-and-seek and metamorphosis. Enter a pictorial world where sheets of paper from all horizons are slipped in, cut out, and overlaid: tissue paper, blotting paper, kraft paper, Japanese paper... Between collage-style compositions and penciled imprints, the collection reaches new heights: a realm of calligraphy and stationery raised to the level of a painting, enhanced with Indian ink, graphite, chalk or metallic highlights.

Inspired by the Pleats wallpaper collection, this collection explores everything about paper, its materials and its universe. Paper compositions – painted or sketched collages – made in studio are reproduced through printing, creating real trompe-loeil effects and illusions to transparencies. The colours are sometimes light and sheer, or dense and pigmented, yet warm: terracotta, botanical greens, mosses, whites, powder pink, copper ...

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Product Info
Yucatan panoramique
nr TP-334-01 - Voiles de papier
art - ambiance
colore di base
Verde, beige
Only available in dimensions mentioned below.
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