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Novas coleções fotomurais

AS Creation - Karl Lagerfeld - fotomurais

AS Creation - Karl Lagerfeld

KARL LAGERFELD is proud to announce the launch of KARL LAGERFELD Wallpaper. The collection offers nine characteristic motif areas and some of the most famous sketches, logos and prints by Karl Lagerfeld. The overall aesthetic expresses the unmistakable trademark of the legendary fashion designer. He was also personally enthusiastic about interior design and often used different artistic themes, materials and colors to decorate his houses.
Elitis - Volver - fotomurais

Elitis - Volver

Volver wallpaper from Elitis

With their not so good and wonderfully retro feel, they are reinventing California and the French Riviera. Here a deconstructed tapestry, cypress or palm, here a colorful Mediterranean pop. Their motto is simple: the bohemian life starts at our roots and is always a love for the sun!

With their raffia effect embossing, these colorful brhang designs exude an artisan spirit brought to life through muted colours.
Elitis - Les petites histoires - fotomurais

Elitis - Les petites histoires

Les petites histoires wallpaper from Elitis

Let's take a walk together" our furry and feathered heroes tell us as they sing in these rural landscapes, they look so British and take cues from the seventies. In the abundance of plants and flowers, let's also look for details and treasures to take home from the walk.

Exotic abstract wallpaper that is also very nice for the nursery.
Elitis - Soie changeante - fotomurais

Elitis - Soie changeante

Soie changeante silk look wallpaper from Elitis

This wallpaper collection is based on a silk effect relief and silk painting techniques that offers geometric, striped and patterned designs.

Kosa silk in many uni colors and designs Yuzen, Koza, Kari and Nila.

Sturdy vinyl Wallpaper rolls of 1 mtr width and 10 mtr length bring you a rich look.
Behang Expresse - Floral Utopia - fotomurais

Behang Expresse - Floral Utopia

Kek Amsterdam - Bold Botanics - fotomurais

Kek Amsterdam - Bold Botanics

Kek Amsterdam - Jip en Janneke behangcirkels - fotomurais

Kek Amsterdam - Jip en Janneke behangcirkels

Illustrator: Fiep Westendorp.
Copyright : © 2020 Fiep Amsterdam bv; Fiep Westendorp Illustrations - From the book Jip en Janneke by Annie M.G. Schmidt and Fiep Westendorp.
Kek Amsterdam - Nijntje behangcirkels - fotomurais

Kek Amsterdam - Nijntje behangcirkels

Esta home - Black and White - fotomurais

Esta home - Black and White

Black and White with a splash of gold

Like yin and yang, black and white simply cannot live without each other. White provides a good dose of light, so that black elements come into their own. Add a touch of gold to that and you really have a match made in heaven! In short: with Black and White with a splash of gold you have the perfect recipe for a fresh and stylish interior that can stand out!
Arte - Ode - fotomurais

Arte - Ode

ODE for the love of linen, the most noble and traditional fabric. The quality of Belgian linen os beyond compare. borne of centuries of climatic and artistic perfection. From flower to fibre, field to finesse, linen is the most sustainable amongst fabrics.

ODE evokes a grand poetic garden. Natural landscapes formed by wind and water. Plant floating listlessly. Gigantic patterns of exuberant nature refashion our interiors.

This collection is oue ODE to cool sophistication. Refined yet authentic. Joyful and comtempory. Caressed by nature.
Kek Amsterdam - Gold Metallics - fotomurais

Kek Amsterdam - Gold Metallics

This new wallpaper collection is cool and chic at the same time: beautiful prints on high-quality non-woven wallpaper that is finished with a metallic top layer in the color gold. The gold is sturdy yet subtly present, giving your interior that little bit of glamour.
Esta home - Art deco - fotomurais

Esta home - Art deco

Casamance - Alliages - fotomurais

Casamance - Alliages

Hookedonwalls - Plains and Panels - fotomurais

Hookedonwalls - Plains and Panels

Hookedonwalls - Daimon - fotomurais

Hookedonwalls - Daimon

Kleurmijninterieur - Ambiance - fotomurais

Kleurmijninterieur - Ambiance

AS Creation - Metropolitan Stories II - fotomurais

AS Creation - Metropolitan Stories II

Eijffinger - Museum - fotomurais

Eijffinger - Museum

Museum, a place where art and fashion meet in lush designs, luxurious fabrics and surprising creations. With this inspiring wallpaper collection from Eijffinger you can turn your interior into a contemporary masterpiece.

Wallpaper with a generous gesture of painted flowers, birds and butterflies on canvas. Line-drawn flowers on matte paper, picked from ancient etchings. Feel the fabric structure, from velvety flock wallpaper to super soft rib wallpaper with color gradient. Or opt for understated chic with a grand pleated blind with metallic accents and a refined uni sprinkled with distressed gold dots. Imagine yourself in your own museum, with wallpowers where grand birds and flowers and a design of beads and sequins splash off the wall.

The Museum behnang collection is a journey through time and space, in which refined classics merge with contemporary maximalism.
Caselio - Our Planet - fotomurais

Caselio - Our Planet

Boras - Newbie - fotomurais

Boras - Newbie