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Gitane charms with its exuberance!
It takes you on a world trip from Tibet to Zimbabwe and to the beautiful Italian flower fields. It plays with eclectic scenes and patterns, which gives it an awe-inspiring appearance. The varied mix of materials and the colour palette contribute to a striking whole. Maximalism has no rules – nothing is too crazy. And that is exactly what makes this style so much fun.

It is also an extension of your personality. A wallcovering with character and impact? That is Gitane!

Coleção inteira

Produto Info
Cuadro sand
nr 49548 - Gitane
moderno - abstrato
padrão (cm)
90/60 rapport saltado
cor base
adviced paste

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Outcome may also differ because no account is taken of windows and doors.
It is not possible to return of rolls due to a different outcome.