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Novas coleções papel de parede

Arte - Velveteen - papel de parede

Arte - Velveteen

Intriguing, elegant and luxurious. Velveteen gives your interior an incomparably exclusive touch. The soft velvet makes this wallcovering simply irresistible. Thanks to the innovative three-dimensional technology, the wall acquires depth and a distinct structure.

Vector's artistic interplay of lines, Ridges vertical ribs, Tetra's patchwork and Twirl's interwoven fragmented circles give you a wealth of options for your interior designs.

To obtain a beautiful and lively effect on the wall, the well-considered choice fell on a soft-touch velvet. Light marks may appear or appear in the deeper parts of the patterns. This is characteristic of velvet and contributes to the natural charm of the product.
Elitis - Flower Power - papel de parede

Elitis - Flower Power

Hip hip hip.

This incredible discovery of unexpected specimens took all botanists by surprise. Yet there is common DNA shared by these spectacular lillies and curious beans. It is made of powerful colours, a taste for retro styles and character-shaping Fauvist lines.

In this collection of multi-coloured wallpapers, large floral and leafy prints leap out joyfully.
Elitis - Initiation - papel de parede

Elitis - Initiation

Auf dem Weg

Im Bereich der Kunst wird Kühnheit durch Freiheit gelernt. Es folgt seinen eigenen Regeln, erforscht ungewöhnliche Ränder und Mäander durch Vintage-Keramik und durch den Geist verschiedener Künstler. Hier ist ein geometrischer Beweis.

Mit 6 einzigartigen Designs zeigt die Kollektion geometrische Muster und entschlossene Farben.
Elitis - Natural Mood - papel de parede

Elitis - Natural Mood

Materials turn into plaits or wickerworks at the tip of the finger. We squint our eyes and a playful reptile seems to emerge from behind the basket. Or is it just the objects in our daily lives that are brought to life?

This embossed vinyl wallpaper pays tribute to natural fibre and the craftsmanship of household objects.
Arte - Seraya - papel de parede

Arte - Seraya

Casamance - Delta - papel de parede

Casamance - Delta

Casamance - Manille - papel de parede

Casamance - Manille

AS Creation - Pop Style - papel de parede

AS Creation - Pop Style

Kleurmijninterieur - Modern - papel de parede

Kleurmijninterieur - Modern

Kleurmijninterieur - Botanisch - papel de parede

Kleurmijninterieur - Botanisch

Dutch Wallcoverings - Wallstitch - papel de parede

Dutch Wallcoverings - Wallstitch

Wallstitch is a wallpaper collection of Dutch wallcoverings from the Design ID series with a luxurious embroidery look.

Made from a heavy non-woven vinyl, this wallpaper has a very realistic look of embroidery that appears to be on top of the wallpaper. With a beautiful classic pattern, a 3d surface game, a hexagon with a special depth look and a very refined botanical pattern with tropical leaves and birds.

A luxury wallpaper for a very competitive price.
Kleurmijninterieur - Stenen - papel de parede

Kleurmijninterieur - Stenen

Stones brings a collection of wallpaper with all kinds of stones, rough walls, colored walls and bricks.
Noordwand - Kids@home Individual - papel de parede

Noordwand - Kids@home Individual

Arte - Khatam - papel de parede

Arte - Khatam

Arte - Lush - papel de parede

Arte - Lush

Lush wallcovering from Arte.

Mystique, chic.
Velor, velvet or velvet, different names for the same mysterious and warm fabric. The rich fabrics of corduroys, lush botanical prints and sophisticated weaving techniques make Lush a very detailed and luxurious collection. The cool metal accents combine perfectly with the soft, velvet fabrics and complete the picture.

Wallpaper designs are Corduroy: a coarse velvet, Tinneroy: a fine corduroy, Topicalia: a luxurious leaf, Wildflower: a lush botanical luxury and the sturdy metal counterpart: Stellar
Noordwand - Glamour - papel de parede

Noordwand - Glamour

Noordwand - Vintage Home - papel de parede

Noordwand - Vintage Home

Noordwand - Zero - papel de parede

Noordwand - Zero

Kleurmijninterieur - Bloemen - papel de parede

Kleurmijninterieur - Bloemen

Floral wallpaper with numerous floral prints.

Wallpaper with large roses, field bouquets, refined drawings for a romantic decoration of your room. Together with beautiful uni`s you create an attractive whole.
Kleurmijninterieur - Tegels - papel de parede

Kleurmijninterieur - Tegels

Tile wallpaper of color mine interior with various designs in both quiet and colorful designs.

Colorful Mediterranean tiles, delftware tile designs, oriental shapes, rustic tiles in many colors and looks.